What is your favorite movie?

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I like to watch movies. In my free time i watch movies. My favorite movie is inception. I have seen this movie more than 6 time. I love the concept of this movie. Please share with us what is your favorite movie?

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    I think that I like some of the Stargate movies best.
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      The thing about favorite movies is that they are like Lay's potato chips...

      You can't have just one!

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    Definitely Matrix
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    i think lots of the ring
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    I can't just pick one but some of my all time favs:

    Star Wars
    Lord Of The Rings
    The Godfather
    Band Of Brothers
    Apocalypse Now
    Lawrence Of Arabia
    Blade Runner
    Indiana Jones
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    My Favorite Movie Is Road To perdition

    starring : tom Hanks

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    My favorite movie is: Law Abiding Citizen (Gerrard Butler)
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    I prefer # Idiots as my favorite movie. There's a lot of learning found in this movie.

    Thank you...
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  • I love Lord of the rings Trilogy, Harry potter Series and Titanic.
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    I like all movie...............

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    Even 15 years, still Titanic.
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    still the same as last time and the eleven times before that

    blues brothers
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  • It has to be Shawshank Redemption best movie, best actors, great story line - it will stay with you for LIFE!!! ;-)
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    I like movies that use special effects ... and action films
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    one of my most favorite movie series is Twilight
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      My favorite movie is - pother panchali, 300 soldiers, apocalypto, rambo4 etc all are very good movies.
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    All Al-Pacino movies!
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    • I have tons of 'favorites'...you need to go by genre' -

      But I just saw "Tree of Life" by Terrence Malick - it won best film at Canne last year...

      Maybe someone could explain this one to me...:confused: :p

      Much like life itself, it was mysterious...took several paths, and didn't seem to get anywhere - then it was over :rolleyes:
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        I really liked Rogue Trader with Ewan McGregor partly because it's a true story.

        More recently I liked Chronicle.
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    My favourite Horror movie is
    The Husk
    Ghost Ship
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    Very recently i have seen Avangers movie. I like it a lot. After many days i have got a chance to see multi-super hero film.
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    Yeah. Same hobby, though I don't have enoguh time, whenever I have free time, I spent and divide it between reading and watching movies. My favorite book is the Hunger Games and so I bet I'd also like the movie version if I would have time to watch it soon.
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    August Rush...A simple cool story of a boy born with music. Worth watching....
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  • favorite movie is action with comedy
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    Rockstar is the best one
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  • apocalypto is a great movie.
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    My favorite movie is Avengers That one is great movie.
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    When I was a kid my favorite movie was 'The Great Escape' and the Star Wars movies.

    Nowadays..... could be any of the following:

    Twilight - Eclipse - New Moon - Breaking Dawn
    And another that escapes my mind at the moment
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    I have recently seen Battle Ground....and it looks really a good movie...
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    Movies that have a lot of twist and turn and may make me confused and excited at the same time, for example;

    Inception as mentioned by AlexDen
    Shutter Island directed by Martin Scorsese
    Unknown (2011 film) directed by Jaume Collet-Serra
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    All action. Pretty good plot too.
    "...If at first you don't succeed; call it Version 1.0"
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    I like Paranormal Activity
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    The man from earth
    District 9
    Back to the future
    The notebook
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    21 jump street is one of my favorites, there cant just be the most favorite to me.
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    I like comedy and animation movie.
    and i love many of them.
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    Recently I had watched Bollywood Movie, Kahaani. It was pretty good, above my expectation. It was entirely a thrill and suspense. Recommended!
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      My most favorite movie is Avatar. I really like this epic. As the story line and concept of this movie are so interesting. Special effects and Pandora look are really awesome. I am totally crazy about this movie. It's really one of mile stone.
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    Jaws or Alien...

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    Fast and Furious and Twilight are my two all time favorite movies..
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    Last week I enjoyed MIB.
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    Kabhi khushi kahi gham and Don is my favorite ever movies.
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    my favorite movie is fast 5 , ddlj , vicky donor is also amzing... there are actually lots of movies i like

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    There is lot of movie which are my favourite but i would say some as Into The Wild, Ink, Dancer in The Dark, Once, Walk the line.
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    Old Boy! The most AMAZING piece of cinema I have ever witnessed.
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    I dont really have one..
    But I do love watching movies..
    I remembered few years ago that I watched Drum Line several times..
    Its a really cool movie..
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    Scent of a Woman
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    My favorite movie is "Titanic".
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    I like Endhiran..
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    Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, The Hangover, some others, mostly comedies..
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  • Spiderman is my favorite movie.
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    My favorite movies are :
    1. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
    2. Men in Black III (2012)
    3. The Avengers (2012)
    4. Battleship (2012)
    5. The Dictator (2012)
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    Mine favorite movies is transformers 3
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    Apocalypto and Taken are my favorites.
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    I love romantic movies.
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    favorite movie? ah, I've got quite healthy list of it though, it would take me sound time to mention. I'll make it shorter as I love thriller movies with a sci-fi touch.
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    Last night ,I went to the cinema to see the Men in Black III...
    It's excellent...worth to watch
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