Thoughts on the UEFA Euro 2012?

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So the Euro 2012 is coming up in a matter of days. What do you guys think?

I'm no expert on soccer but Germany is looking pretty good, they obliterated the competition in the qualifying matches. They averaged over 3 goals a game and gave away less than 1 on average. I know the odds seem to favor Spain but history seems to be against them.

If the qualifying matches are any indication then I think Germany is going to be a tough team to beat. Spain's odds are only slightly better but Germany is the biggest overall winner.

Netherlands is the next team down but their odds are nowhere near as good. The last time they won was in 1988 and that seems to be the last time they made any waves. I wouldn't hold my breath for England and France looks a bit rocky too.

What do you guys think?
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    Well, Chelsea winning the Champions League may be a boost for England, looking forward to Rooney's performances.
    The Champions League has showed us that it often boils down to the Coach's game plan. With that in mind, I'm on the lookout for;
    Germany (Ozil, Gotze, Muller, Gomez, Klose, etc)
    Netherlands (Persie, Robben, Afellay, Huntelaar, etc)
    Spain (Xavi, Mata, Iniesta, Fabregas, etc, & maybe Torres lol)
    Portugal (Ronaldo-Nani combo)
    Belgium (Hazard, Lukaku)

    Group of death - B (Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal)
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    I think Germany are the strongest team on euro 2012, (except spain, but i don't believe they will win the euro again). also, they had the best results on 2010 world cup (until they lost), and the germans player only got better in the last 2 years.
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    Spain wil win the Euro. Germany, Holland, France and Portugal are also very good teams, but I don't think they will beat Spain.

    I think England and Italy will dissapoint soccer fans. I just don't like their style. Too defensive, in my opinion.
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    Portugal is my favourite team and i think they have what it takes to win it. But teams like Germany, Russia and France all have what it takes to win it.
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    i predicated a spain italy final before it started! spain to win on pens or or 1-0
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    Italy will win!....uh I hope
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  • Being Italian, I'm really happy Italy reached the final.
    Now all Italy will support our team, with aces Balotelli, Cassano, Buffon and all the other team mates.

    Come on! All this forum (except Spain people) must support Italy

    See you soon,
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    Lol I wanted Germany to win- Didn't happen
    I wanted Portugal to win- Didn't happen
    Was hoping for Germany vs. Portugal final

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    Boring so far. so many 0-0's and Spains tippy tappy crap football can pouyt anyone to sleep. Roll on Monday when it's over.

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    spain were always going to win it. who ever said there football is boring needs to see a doctor! no one will ever do what they have done again!
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    so Spain suprise there. It was actually a good final. (one of the best games) Never the hammering the scorline made it look like. Itally should have equlaized and then it might have been different but Spain were the best. World cup next. :-)

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      I thought the Spanish players taking their kids on the pitch after was just great to see.

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    Spain are in a league of their own. They make any team they play against(except portugal) look so ordinary. Congrats Spain.
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    The final was awesome. Finals of major competitions are rarely any good but that was an exception. Usually, they are cagey affairs with teams not wanting to make a mistake but that was something different. Best final I've seen since the West Ham v Liverpool FA Cup Final in 2006.
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      And now that it is all over, here are my comments. The Italian team was much too tired yesterday and they were much too spread and not connected enough.

      I do think Buffon the goalkeeper is a genious and Balotelli quite powerful a player.
      He maybe a funny personality they say, but he certainly does the job. He is not there to be cool at interviews after all.

      The Spanish team was taking good care of the ball and never loosing sight of it.

      Alltogether there were many little injuries on the field . My opinion is that the teams should have at least one week rest before a major match-it would be good for their spirit and they would actually be less tired and more entertaining for the public.
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