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Just a quick off topic post - and kind of a rant....

Please, when you are recording videos for instructional purposes, WSO's, etc etc... Don't chew gum or eat food. Seriously. First, thats grounds for a refund imo lol. Try sitting thru a vid, even a short one and get anything of value from it, when all you can really hear is someone's lips smackin' and gum chewin... or having to sit thru vids and listen to someone eating and drinking. Its just gross, and a also a major distraction when trying to learn from videos and audios... And it just comes off/perceived as unprofessional on the creators behalf imo... I worked for a while in video production, so this is a bit of a 'pet peeve' lol

Anyway, thats my 2cents and rant for the day - whats are your thoughts on this? Has anyone else run into this lately when they go to view a video?

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    When I'm trying too learn something, sometimes I get lost in the message and absorb everything like a sponge... other times I get annoyed and distracted sometimes TOO easily. I think the way that material is presented or just the sound of the speaker or his mannerisms is enough for me to lose focus.

    Rambling on and on rather than just getting to the point is an intense peeve of mine, but as you mention, my number one peeve is audio that sounds as if the microphone is INSIDE the speakers nostrils or mouth. I HATE hearing every breath the speaker takes or worse yet, saliva swishing around the mouth.

    I've purchased a few WSO's (won't mention names), but I already know who NOT to purchase from ever again as it sounds like they are eating a peanut butter sandwich between lines, lol!

    Yep. Amazing that I let that grind on my nerves as it does, but ah well. To each his own. MAYBE others feel this way. MAYBE just me. MAYBE this little rant/critique will help someone or influence someone to pay more attention to their audio. MAYBE.
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