What makes you smile today?

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Hi there guys..
Just a random thread I made..
What makes you smile today?

Today, I was able to meet my gf after days without seeing each other..
This made me smile through out the day..
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    Babies make me smile, human and animal; It's a shame some of them have to grow up
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    Today watching my wife feed the ducks in our back yard brought a smile to my face. They're wild ducks, but they will almost eat out of her hand.

    Those Paypal notices saying "You've received a payment" made me smile, too. They always do. Nothing like making money while you sleep.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Waking up to the sound of the rain outside made me smile today.
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    Being out walking the dog in wild country made me smile. He wanted to take the wrong way back to the car and that made me smile even harder. City dog. Poor guy has so much learning/unlearning to do. But he's lovin' learning it - so he's smilin' too.

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    Puppies and penguins...Both proof Mother Nature has a sense of humor.
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    Today? Of all things, people. (this is fairly unusual for me)

    I walked over the bridge that is near here, crossing from one county into another in the middle of the water. It was a matter of about 4 miles round trip - but exhilarating with all the cars flying by.

    ... and I was just saying 'hi' and big smile passing other walkers like I was high. I wasn't but it occurred to me I am not usually that friendly with strangers. What is up with that -- a little wind and height and I morphed into somebody else.

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    today is the queen's birthday

    happy birthday
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    Nice Weather, Lovely Sunshine, The flower, soft bleeze , all these made me smile......
    I am a easy to meet people
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    im always smiling lol... no reason as special... hehe ...

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    Travelling alone in mountains and in rain makes me smile......
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    My mom makes breakfast for me, thats the thing that makes me smile all day..
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    my 15 months old son makes me smile at morning when i awake
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    me nephew's voice.

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    My freedom makes me smile every day.
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    I have to tell you the truth,I can't recall any happiness thing that make me smile.But maybe I'm a opptimistc man.I think we should smile everyday no matter what we have or happend in our life.
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