eBay Customer I Don't Want Money From!

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I had a question regard ebay. I'm asking here on the off-chance that someone has dealt with a similar situation.

I listed an item as local pickup only, and several people from other countries bid on the item. I then went and cancelled all their bids. However, the person who ended up winning the item lives on the other end of the U.S., and so obviously he's not coming to pick it up. It also sold for an incredibly low price, and there's no way I'm shipping it anyways.

So now, as I was afraid would happen, I'm going to have to figure out how to cancel this whole situation and start from scratch. I don't know if I should open a dispute, or what exactly. I hope it doesn't end up becoming a mess that takes a long time to resolve.

Thanks for any good advice. I'm guessing this must be a fairly common occurrence.
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    You best course of action is going to EBay support and explaining the situation to them. When handled in that matter they usually have no problem helping you cancel without and negative impact.

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    I'd say get in touch with the eBay help desk (or whatever it's called), explain the situation to them and see what they say.
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    Kim got in first. Anyway now you have two of the same opinion.
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  • Ok, thanks guys. I went through the Customer Support section, clicked on Contact Ebay, then selected Shipping. They have a simple way to open up a request to cancel the transaction, which the other party must then agree to.

    Thanks again. I had no idea it'd be this simple, thus far anyways.
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    Never mind what those two guys say, they're both crazy. I would go to eBay's support or help desk, whatever it's called, and explain the situation to them.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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  • What about negotiating with buyer. If he is not coming to pick up the item, its not your concern.
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      I'm maybe rare in that I have never been on Ebay but if you list something as local pick up and he wins the bid knowing that then what is the problem?

      Just take his money and let him arrange to pick it up.

      It's like if I buy a car online in Scotland. Not their problem if I never come to get it. As long as they don't sell it again whilst I am the technical owner it can rot in the car lot for all they care.

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    You need to set up buyer requirements under site preferences and it will not happen again. By using buyer requirements you can block buyers from locations you don't ship to.

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    Contact eBay, they will be able to help you out. Note, you can also block certain bidders by their username and also block bidders by criteria such as less than a certain feedback.
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