Google Doodle For Flag Day???

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So today is Flag Day and Google has no doodle to celebrate it. They can celebrate every birthday for people I have never heard of, and independence day for The Philippines and God knows what country, but they can't do a doodle for our Flag Day.

Bing however does have a graphic celebrating it.

Google Ignores Flag Day, while rival Microsoft celebrates | Fox News



Pretty pathetic.:p:p
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    Yep. Bing written all over it.

    Google has never made anything look nice.
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    They must find the American Flag pathetic! Time to open an account at Bing
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      Originally Posted by doudou5 View Post

      They must find the American Flag pathetic! Time to open an account at Bing
      guess i will stick with google

      i have to, to google to find what flag day is, sometime, maybe
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        Originally Posted by hardraysnight View Post

        i have to, to google to find what flag day is, sometime, maybe
        You can search for that on Yahoo!
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          I urge people to **Boycott Google** permanently if you're not already. Do not give those creeps so much as a page-hit.

          I switched to Bing as my primary search engine something like eight years ago - at the time that Google meekly agreed with Commie China's demand that it censor search results, before they reversed that policy under backlash. Since then, these creeps have done their "doodles" for everything from Moroccan Independence day to Pippi Longstocking's "Birthday" - and on Veteran's Day 2010 posted a "doodle" that sandwiched the American flag between an Islamic crescent and a mushroom cloud. They've flatly refused, after half a dozen years of annual complaints, to so much as acknowledge the existence of Flag Day or Memorial Day with their "doodles."

          There is something wrong - nay, evil - at Google.

          Here's a short (!) list of what Google thinks is worthy of commemoration via "doodle" while Flag Day and Memorial Day are not:

          - Moroccan, Panamanian, Paraguayan, Argentinian, Bolivian, Colombian, Ecuadorian, Philippine, Senegalese, Ghanian, Latvian, Estonian, Dominican, Lebanese, Kenyan, Ugandan, Kazakhstanian, Croatian, Polish, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Korean, Ukranian, Brazilian, Nicaraguan, El Salvadoran, Costa Rican, Mexican, Belizean, Venezuelan, Uruguayan, Peruvian, Nigerian, Algerian, Vietnamese, Chilean and Honduran Independence Days (yes, one for each)
          - Martisor (a Romanian spring holiday)
          - Netherlands Election Day
          - Russian Women's Day
          - Arbor Day
          - Italian Culture Week
          - Feria de Abril (a Spanish April festival)
          - Megusto (a Portugese Autumn festival)
          - "Earth Day"
          - Day of the Dead (Mexico)
          - Egyptian Election Day
          - Turkish National Sovereignty and Children's Day
          - Bulgarian Liberation Day
          - ANZAC Day - (New Zealand)
          - ANZAC Day (Australia)
          - Queen's Day (Netherlands)
          - Shanghai World Expo
          - Patios Cordobeses (Spain)
          - Las Fallas festival (Spain)
          - Nasreddin Hodja Festival (Turkey)
          - Laba Rice Festival (China)
          - Turkish Youth Week
          - U.K. Election Day
          - France Election Day
          - Bastille Day
          - Greece Election Day
          - Tunisian Election Day
          - Argentinian Election Day
          - Singapore Art Festival
          - Italy Republic Day
          - Italian Unification Anniversary
          - Hungary Republic Day
          - Lithuanian Statehood Day
          - Russia Day
          - Canada Day
          - Brazilian Valentine's Day
          - Chinese Valentine's Day
          - India Republic Day
          - Tapati Rapa Nui Festival (Easter Island)
          - Carnival (Brazil)
          - Korean Lunar New Year
          - Korean Thanksgiving
          - Canadian Thanksgiving
          - Chinese Arbor Day
          - Tunisia National Day
          - Romanian National Day
          - United Arab Emirates National Day
          - Thailand National Day
          - Singapore National Day
          - Finland National Day
          - Sweden National Day
          - Norway National Day
          - Bahrain National Day
          - Hungarian National Day
          - Austrian National Day
          - Kuwait National Day
          - Saudi Arabian National Day
          - Turkish National Day
          - Jordan National Day
          - Sami National Day (Norway)
          - China National Day
          - Vietnam National Day
          - Belgium National Day
          - Swiss National Day
          - Denmark National Day
          - German Reunification Day

          In this voluminous context, it should be clear that the omission of Flag Day and Memorial day - in America - is both undeniable and intentiona. Which leads to the question of what Google's decision makers hate so much about the United States of America, the nominal country of their origin, nationality and corporate headquarters.

          Switching search engines when you're used to a different one is weird at first, but after eight years using Bing (also Yahoo,) now I wouldn't go back to using Google even if they spearheaded a worldwide campaign for reason, individual rights, individual privacy, laissez-faire capitalism and American Constitutional rights for all people. I urge each of you to dump them as well, and to urge others in your networks to do the same. Just copy and show them this list.

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    I like google doodles......
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