Routine Shootings Of Family Pets

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Dozens upon dozens of incidents across the country of our militarized civilian police forces routinely shooting family pets on any ordinary police calls. There are even recorded conversations between police officers about who "gets to" shoot the dog while on route to a call. Locally, dog licenses are coming up on dispatch screens the same way gun licenses now do. Officers get out with guns drawn and if the dog barks, he is considered a threat and shot. ANY DOG, no matter how small. Cops now consider the people they are supposed to "serve" the enemy. Police work, in spite of what you see on TV, can be deadly boring for long periods of time. Officers aren't getting enough of an adrenaline rush with their daily duties as they did while serving in Iraq and Afganistan where they "got to" shoot real people. Every police chief now sports "four stars" on his collar even if he's chief of a six man department. We see cops with pseudo military haircuts, snotty attitudes and a bunker mentality. I see no good solutions on the horizon. I genuinely feel I'm much more likely to be shot by a police officer than I am by a bad guy. Cops are rarely even investigated for violent acts let alone prosecuted. How many times have we quickly heard an "official" statement that goes something like "after a through investigation its has been determined that the officer operated within departmental guidelines"? What a crock. That's just code for "we've got our official statements memorized and the file is closed." Shouldn't we expect more from our "civilian" police forces? This thread will, no doubt, be deleted as are most of my other threads but maybe a few people will see it before it is.

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    I've also seen a LOT of reports about cops shooting dogs. A few times the cops weren't even at the home for any real purpose - no warrants, not the right house, checking burglaries etc. They are getting sued for it - but there isn't any amount of money that can pay for my dog. This whole situation is just more indoctrination. Don't like you dogs being shot? Wait til it's your cousins, brothers, parents. I stay so far away from police it's not funny - yet someday that one is going to pull that gun on my dog, and I'm going to die over it. I was hoping that people would stand and take the country back before this, but I guess it's not going to happen. Police are the most dangerous humans in this country.

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  • I sense some hostility for our constabulary...:rolleyes:

    The recent one in Austin got me...the cop went to the wrong address, a guy was playing frisbee with his dog in the backyard, and came out front to get something out of his truck...cop pulls up - dog comes to the front yard to see 'who's here?' - cop shoots him! and it's basically all on his dashcam...the guy is off camera saying "you shot my dog!! WTF did you shoot my dog for???" - just crazy

    Maybe this is a good spot for this little lesson from a Law Professor and guest on your 5th amendment rights...(not to endorse anarchy, I'm all for arresting the bad guys, but this is just a reminder for the good guys - so if you're a bad guy...don't watch this )

    It's a little lengthy, but a lesson that may come in handy...if you should ever need it -
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    This thread will, no doubt, be deleted as are most of my other threads but maybe a few people will see it before it is.
    I do not recall the last time I deleted one of your threads, or posts for that matter. I do, however recall seeing this comment from you repeatedly.

    Here's the new arrangement: Any time I see this comment from you in the future, I will immediately delete the post it's in, and probably give you a week off to search for a cure for "repetitive BS syndrome."

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    fortunately, in some countries, police are still held in very high regard
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