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Hey guys,

I really wanted some warriors opinions on this but I didn't know where else to post it. I am going into the fitness niche and I am running a site now. I need some help, because I am now sort of revamping the site to make it a) as viral as possible b) as profitable as possible and c) as helpful to visitors as possible.

I am just in the starting stages and in fact I haven't even spent any money on the site yet.

I need your guys opinion on the content, the social and viral aspects and the general feel of the site.

I am NOT doing this to try to get some cheap traffic. In fact I don't even have a money page on the site yet. I am just revamping the way the posts are and I need to get some opinions.

Here is a link to one of the posts
How to Burn Calories while you Sleep | Fitness Metabolism
(Again I really need opinions and I am not doing this to try to get traffic to the site)

Please let me know what you guys think. Would you visit this site again? Would you interact?

Thank you so much everyone
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    My opinion is that you picked a strange forum to risk posting this in. The OT is the bar and we don't always take IM seriously -- we come here to escape it.

    But - I took a look at your site. It looks fine to me (I'm not a designer, but as a viewer nothing put me off). If I wasn't pretty well versed in that niche already I might come back to it -- if I had a weight problem. I don't though.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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      Like us on Facebook needs a colour change with the text, so you can read it!

      And the graphic image below it needs to be moved down, etc.

      But the header is the main thing that needs to be fixed.

      Some fitness type image, with a more colourful header, would work well.

      A blue background image, with white text?

      Good Luck.

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    Thanks for the advice and help. I will definitely get a logo designed soon, and of course the "Like us on FB" thing.
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    Your website is fully content based so it can become more better position or visited by health caring human beings.
    My suggestions are that:
    Try to make your site title "Fitness Metabolism" is more attractive and bigger, which can directly to readable by visitors of your website.
    Put a Stumbled social networking link like as Facebook and Twitter.

    May be these two things help to attracts more visitors regularly.
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    The like us facebook doesn't need to be on there twice. Very bad overall, just too plain and unorganized.
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    Yes I didn't even notice the facebook like! Needs to be a contrasting color. The facebook posts cover up a photo which is a shame.

    I had no idea there was so much more down page. Not sure why there are 2 comment places and 2 facebook post boxes.

    Since you have so much information on the first page I wouldn't bother with showing a post. I'd rather let people know what was on the site and further down the page.

    Looks a nice and clean theme though. The header needs some compelling image.
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