Which movie You watch recently?

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Hello Friends,

I am new here.......
This is a general discussion related to entertainment ................... Recently, I watch "Men in Black III" movie ......
This is a great movie..................... I watch this movie with my friends..
We all are enjoy this movie ............

Now, You share, which movie you watch recently ???
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    It is Snow White and the Huntsman that i was last recently with friends at theater.
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    I saw the Avengers and it was brilliant.

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    Avengers i must say...Its really a nice movie...Hulk play a great role in it.
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    Even I was Avengers. Its was good. But the sad thing is HULK didnt have much role to do.
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    Madagascar 3, total fun
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    I saw the 6th Sense, but didn't get to the ending.
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    The last movie I saw was Avengers. Loved it. I think I liked it more than my son. It was great in 3d.
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    I watched Lock Out which was ok. Can't wait to watch the Spiderman reboot which will premiere this Friday though.
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      I saw the 6th Sense, but didn't get to the ending.
      The ending is the best part!

      The last movie l saw was "Prometheus" good story, excellent visuals, up there with "Avatar" and pretty scary, more gore than scare.

      And for Alien fans, it will have 1 or 2 more preguals to go, to get it up to speed with the original Alien movie.

      The movie is a bit tricky to keep up with in parts, but that should help, without giving too much away!

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    It was Avengers i love it specially in 3D
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      Originally Posted by sabrasmith11 View Post

      Last i saw was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ,this was one of the better movie this year I saw.
      I'm thinking unintentional comedy here.
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    Karate Kid of Jackie Chan was the last movie i saw.
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    I saw Ghost Rider-Skillet Monster last night.
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      Hi guys,

      I watch recently Avengers...This really amazing action film .....
      All the adventure scene are more interesting.....
      It is become a my favorite movie after seen....
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    Clockwork orange, little big soligder, red cliff
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    The last movie I saw was Avengers in 3D! The first hour of the movie was pretty dam boring, but once you hit the 2hr marker till the end of the movie.. totally awesome! I wanna watch it again! If I have time.. sigh..
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    Last movie I saw was Chernobyl Diaries, I wish I could get those 2 hours of my life back. Looking forward to this summer though with Dark Knight and Spiderman on the horizon!


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    Last movie I saw is ' 3.10 TO YUMA '. Though its an old movie. But I just saw it. Russel Crowe was awesome as always and Christian Bale played his part best.
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    Recently i'm watching Men in Black III really this is amazing
    movie. Because it's based on full of comedy & action drama
    so i'm like this movie.
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  • Roger Ebert gives 'Ted' 3.5/4 stars: "I know, it was hard for me to believe, too" :p :rolleyes:

    Ted :: rogerebert.com :: Reviews
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    I watched recently Men in Black ,Harry Potter .............with my friends in my home ..........It was really action movie ..........

    Now, You share Which movie you watch recently ?????????????????
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    I recently watch The Lord Of Ring.It was a great movie. I really enjoy it very much.

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    I have Netflix and my buddy suggested Dale and Tucker vs. Evil and it cracked me up.
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    "A 1000 Words"
    with Eddie Murphy, a little bit of comedy, but I loved the ending!

    Avengers is awesome !
    Loki: I have an army
    Iron Man: We have a HULK
    hahah great scene
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    Recently i watch real steel.......such a great movie
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  • If you are a SYFY channel fan...there appears to be a monumentally and hilariously bad pos movie on right now...

    It's a giant Anaconda! - No wait! it's a giant Piranha??!

    NO! It's PiranhaConda! Starring Michael Madsen!

    (Man, that guy will do just about anything to keep himself swimming in Jack Daniels and coke :rolleyes

    It has everything you could want in a B movie - Beasts! Babes! Bikinis! Bad Guys! Blood! Bad Acting! Bad Script! oh yeah - more blood!

    And they just had a comercial for an upcoming movie - with a giant Sharktopus! :p :rolleyes:
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    EURO 2012 final match: Spain vs Italy
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    Hey guys! Hmm, the last movie I saw was 'Dark Shadows' with Johnny Depp. He is a brilliant actor and I enjoyed very much this new movie with him.
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    Vicky Cristina Barcelona by Woody Allen - it was a great movie
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      Man in Black 3 movie that i watched recently with my friends. It entertained me a lot.
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      Originally Posted by MaisieOwens View Post

      I love Vicky Cristina Barcelona, that is a brilliant movie!!! And I adore Penelope's play!!! She did such a great job with her role!!!
      Absolutely agree. She is a great actress. I also like her role at Blow (imdb.com/title/tt0221027) Actually, another great movie.
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      • Profile picture of the author Claude Whitacre
        Saw Ted a couple of weeks ago. I'm a big Family Guy fan, so I laughed out loud alot during the movie.

        The Dark Knight Rises was a great piece of movie making. The Amazing Spiderman was pretty good. And The Avengers was the high spot of the Summer for me.

        A little thing you guys might find interesting.
        I was giving a speech, just after The Avengers came out, to about 60 small business owners. (Speaking is my main prospecting method). I asked how many in the room watch Shark Tank. All hands went up. I asked how many just saw The Avengers movie. Nobody even knew what I was talking about. I said "You know, the top box office movie of all time...in theaters now?" Nothing.

        I was actually going to make a point about how we have so much in common. I quickly decided to use the response to teach that we may not think the same as our customers and should ask what they want, not what we want. After the speech, the host said he thought the point I made with the "Cartoon movie" (meaning The Avengers) was brilliant.

        I wasn't about to tell him that I went to see the movie and love Superhero movies.
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    Men In Black III
    Great movie and the ending put it all together.
    Go see it!
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  • Profile picture of the author Sheryl Polomka
    I thought I'd read through all the responses to see what movie will be good to go and see. I have a few on my list right now that I want to see including:

    The Hunger Games
    Men in Black 3
    Snow White and the Hunstman

    and a couple of others.

    Avengers seems to get a good rating on here so maybe I should add that to my list. The kids want to see that.

    I have just finished reading the Hunger Games book so definitely want to see the movie now.
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    I saw " The thread started by forum spammers and continued by forum spammers, with contributions by legitimate members, who don't know or don't care". Brilliant
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    hangover-2 , nice movie..a must watch. really nice as the first one was...
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    Recently I watched Road to Perdition by Tom Hanks it was a suggestion from one of my friends. Tom Hanks fits into any sort of role so nicely.
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    Ted.. absolutely loved it.. even though the bar has alot of similar characteristics with Brian from family guy.. Still a great watch
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  • Profile picture of the author kevin88
    The dark night rise ... great movie
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    I am watching a Japanese carton named Gake no ue no Ponyo. That is interesting and creative.
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    I saw the 3 Stooges. Not great, not boring. something in between. You do laugh at one or two scenes
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    I saw Bol Bachchan (Bollywood Movie)
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  • Profile picture of the author dhahir23
    soldiers of fortune
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    all super heroes in single movie except spiderman but other supoer heroes are awesome and scarlet johansson is really OMG love him also the climax is too good and also the combination of idea of different movies
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  • Profile picture of the author ravin78
    Fast Five.
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    The last movie I saw was Starsky and Hutch. Great to watch with your gf! Lots of stupid funny moments

    Very cheap youtube views - AS LOW AS $0.99 PER 1000 VIEWS. Skype me ;)

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    I just trailer of GREAT GATSBY moive. That's good moive. If you have free time, you can watch it,
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    I recently watch Cocktail movie.It was a great movie. I really enjoy it very much.
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    midnight in paris
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