Who else loves flying on planes?

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I love flying. I love traveling. I love vacationing. Who else is with me on that? Do you get to travel as much as you want?

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    I love travelling and vacationing.
    This is half the reason I started online business.
    It allows me to take my business anywhere I want in the world.
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    I love flying! So much so....I plan to get my pilot's license one day.
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      Yep, me too!

      Although l am not crazy about the cheap airlines in AU, l usually like to travel on Quantas, because they always serve a meal or lunch. I always get a kick out of those, or seeing what they come up with, although ordering orange juice on a plane before it takes off, and taking the foil off can be scary!

      I especially like the part where they land and put the engines in reverse, seriously cool.

      My goal is to travel first class and stay in a luxury resort with my laptop or online business, then sit there after a hard day visiting a theme park, watching the palm trees swaying, and the sun setting on a warm night sipping on my cocktail, thinking this is the online business at it's best!


      P.S. Last flight l was on, l took my plastic water bottle along with me and found, that when we had reached 30,000 feet it had scrunched up! Weird but true.
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        Who else loves flying on planes?

        John Travolta and his "friend".
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    I love travelling but in my own conveyance. only 4-wheeler.
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    Flying is one of the most awesome experiences I know of. It makes me happy I live in this day and age and not 150 years ago. I live in Amsterdam and sometimes need to be in the US or Canada. I hardly ever fly with KLM directly, though, cause you can pay the same amount of money, fly with a different airline, and make a stopover in Frankfurt, London, Rome or Paris before you cross the atlantic...to some people that's a waste of time. For me, that's just two flights for the price of one!
    I love vacation, but travelling to me is a very important part of it.

    Chinese philosopher Lzo Tsu once said: 'A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intend on arriving'...I for one love the feeling of being on my way to someplace, probably even more than arriving somewhere.
    The trick of marketing is to know what to do, when to do it, where to do it, how to do it.
    The ART of marketing is not to give up...
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    I haven't flown for a number of years, but I thoroughly enjoyed it whenever I got the experience. Back in the 90s, I used to fly to network marketing conventions and I would take time to tour the cities a bit while there.

    One time, on the plane, I had an aisle seat and a young couple had the two seats towards the window. I so much enjoy looking out the window, but this couple was frightened of flying, so they engaged me in conversation the entire trip, never once daring to look towards the window! lol


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    Not me. I like arriving. I enjoy traveling on trains more than any other type of transportation. I'm not phobic or anything, but planes do make me a little nervous. Then there are all the hassles with security nowadays. I avoid air travel whenever possible.
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    I love flying too.. but I love Sky-diving even more!
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    I love flying especially the take off. I love it when there's strong turbulence as I think it's really exciting. However I must agree with the last guy that enjoys trains because I love the fact that I get a table where I can use my laptop, refreshments and the opportunity to wander up and down the carriages and talk to random people.

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    • I prefer to ride...

      IN the plane!!

      who knows...the way things are going, this could be the new 'coach' :p
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