Miami Heat become HOTTER! Ray Allen leaves Celtics to join Heat!

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The Heat probably will head back to the playoffs next year!

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    The heat were going back to the NBA finals regardless of whether they acquired Mr. Allen or not.

    But now Allen can give them a good 25 minutes a games and help stretch the floor with his 3 point shooting.

    IMHO, nothing can stop the heat from coming out of the East except an injury to one of the big three.

    All The Best!!


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    The Heat will come back stronger next season with Allen on their team. Looks like another championship trophy awaits them.
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    A repeat is not going to be easy even with Ray Allen. Teams like the Nets are loading up! Dwight Howard, Joe Johnson and Deron Williams on the Nets is a force! And their owner is not afraid of the luxury tax. With that being said, if the HEAT remain healthy and pick up lets say... Rashard Lewis and Marcus Camby, we could very well win NOT ONE, NOT TWO, NOT THREE, NOT FOUR....
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