Accused of another fradulent order due to different IP location & billing address

by Manda
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Sorry just need to have a wee rant.

Given the number of people striving to be location independent, I'm amazed at the hassle I get trying to purchase something because my IP location is different to my billing address.

I don't mind explaining the situation but I'm getting tired of being flagged for discrepencies or checked for fradulent activity.

So now having explained my living situation once again and highlighting the fact that I travel which will result in more "discrepencies" in future, I wait to see if they want to accept my money.

I know security is important but the amount of times this happens and the hoops I have to go through to prove I'm genuine is driving me up the wall.
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    Just try getting a DOCTOR! I am on my FOURTH doctor because people can't understand that TELEPORTERS DON'T EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tell me about it. One reason I use the host I do is that they're "international." I initially picked them largely because they offer customer service in Spanish as well as English and I don't even speak Spanish.

    This was after being rejected by two different hosts for the billing address/IP thing. When I called one to explain, they said while they understood the situation, if I wanted to order I'd have to use a different IP and credit card because the ones I'd used had been permanently blocked. I was with Hostgator for a while and they did block my initial order, but I was able call and get that sorted out within minutes.

    I've gotten used to it and rarely have problems now. After a while you get to know which companies don't mind and which do. Hope things get easier for you in the future.
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