Planet Of The Apes, (1968) Filming Location!

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Hi, l was finding a review on the last planet of the apes series, to see if it was worth watching?

I figured that it wasn't, but l did find this, video...


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    I think MOST of them are worth watching. Entertaining, and I think PROPHETIC!

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    Originally Posted by tagiscom View Post

    Hi, l was finding a review on the last planet of the apes series, to see if it was worth watching?

    I figured that it wasn't, but l did find this, video...


    Planet of the Apes 1968 ( FILMING LOCATION VIDEO) Charlton Heston Ending - YouTube

    IMHO the original is much better than the one that starred Mark Walberg but the one with James Franco is very good.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    I've been watching this movie very much.
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    Wow, pre-historic film.
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      Originally Posted by Ninja Ana View Post

      Wow, pre-historic film.
      Have you EVER seen planet of the apes? It is a film about a "dystopian" FUTURE! NOBODY is allowed to know what happens. There is a HUGE area that couldn't be cleaned up, so they agreed to declare it FORBIDDEN. It was lost to history. But NO ape is to go there, so it is safe. When the astronaut sees that statue, the statue of liberty, poking up out of the soil, he puts the larger part of the story together. Up to that point, I don't think they believed they were on the same earth.

      From what I can discern from the base story, this is what happened.

      1. A disease spread killing all normal pets.
      2. They decided to have APES as pets, as THEY survived.
      3. (alternate introduced later)... The two scientists came from the future to escape the final destruction of the earth, and one was pregnant. The child was put in with the apes, and the ape he was replaced with was killed instead of her child.
      4. They decided to have the apes act as slaves for them, and treated them as such.
      5. The apes rebelled. In the alternate line, it started with the child saying no.
      6. Apparently most of the humans were killed in a war or something. Maybe by the apes. I don't know why the humans in the future are mute. Actually, one episode states there was a massive nuclear war, and those that weren't mute went into hidding.
      7. The apes use the technology they can, and emulate it, and the rest is destroyed and hidden.
      8. Two ape scientists fly back in tme
      9. The people mentioned in #6 destroy the earth.

      I apologize if the timeline is a bit off.

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        Thanks, Steve for the heads up!

        Yes, as someone else online that did a review of the last one in the series said, the timeline starts to break down in the final movie. But l have to admit if you watch Star Trek and Alien, they do have inconsistencies in their timelines as well.

        When time-travel gets added to the script, then it gets tricky to keep the story coherent! :rolleyes:

        I have to admit that apart from the first one, and the crappy last one, l haven't seen the rest for 10 years? In AU, because of this Foxtel paid tv crap, they tend to hold back on the classic free to air movies.

        I will download the lot online one day! :rolleyes:

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