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Good morning,

Was not sure where to post this, so I decided to start in the off topic forum. If anyone has a better suggestion, let me know. If you don't mind, click the link in my signature after reading this post. Before any of you dismiss this as spam, scam, trash, etc. Please think about the following:

What if:
  • You logged into a hosting account to work on new sites you had installed to find out all the directory passwords had been changed?
  • You contacted online chat support and they acted as if they had no clue as to what a website was?
  • You started noticing that passwords that had been the same for years did not work anymore?
  • You were prompted to change a username for an account that had been open for quite awhile?
  • You found that you were logged into a remote server and could not get out of it?
  • Your anti virus program stated that it needed to update when you went to run it and it opened a nasty virus?
  • You watched files transfer out of your computer at amazing rates, to be replaced by useless crap?
  • You watched your computer and network melt down in front of your eyes and there was nothing you could do to stop it.
  • You did a system recovery to find out that your backup files had been replaced with crap?
  • You had to basically start over?
These things all happened to me about 2 weeks ago. I have been working very hard to recover things. Not only is my work in IM gone, but my bank account, credit cards, everything, has been jeopardized.

So what do you do to protect you assets and livelihood? I can't blame that stuff on anyone but myself, as I pretty much allowed it to happen.

So please, pass this post along to our fellow warriors, and visit the link in my signature. I will be checking back for updates. Feel free to PM if you would like.

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    Scary,,...l installed some PHP software onto one of my multiple hosting account websites, with Hostgator, and next l find the Cpanel, area showing nothing for the main site. 100% my fault, or the seller not telling us this could happen!

    The site still existed with Sitebuilder, but Google's spiders couldn't find any pages to index, etc, so it was a SEO, dead site.

    But thankfully Hostgator periodically does backups of their data, so about a year later it reappeared!

    Sounds like a hacker got into your personnel details?

    Best to buy a independent memory storage, there is one that automatically backups anything new you do on your computer.

    I will certainly get that on my laptop, if everything goes according to plan, but l do backup most stuff on my PC as well, just in case.

    If you do have another computer, and couldn't be bothered trying to email, or dump in on a memory stick, etc, try Dropbox, the first 2 gigs are free, and when you install it on both computers, you just drop it into the open window and it will show up when the other computer is turned on.

    It does use your computers memory, but it is the easiest way apart from external memory, to quickly backup important data.

    Good luck.

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    If you have proof of all of this, you might consider litigation to get a bit of your money back at least. I know I'd be talking to a lawyer and maybe the FBI - I'm wondering how many people they have done this to. A victim of such crimes is usually not a sole victim.

    Other than that. Ouch. I know what it's like to be hacked and have it turn into a long term fight to get back up and running again. Been there and done that even if not to the extent you got hammered.

    Good luck to you at any rate.

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