Anyone else getting ready for the hurricane??

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Here in MS we had people buying water and batteries like its going out of style!

It just hit land! Category 1
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    Thankfully where I live we have no such worries.I wish all those Warriors and their families all the best and a safe 24hrs.We only have the snowstorms to worry about not nearly as bad since us Canadians live in igloos rumour has it.
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    Stay safe everyone!
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    It's a doozy.

    ^ He drove into a canal thinking it was a street.
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      I'm just east (and south) of Ocean Springs and my area has been an island since mid-morning. Rain and wind haven't been bad as yet but the tides are way up and the only road in was flooded just after Low tide this morning and has been closed ever since. High tide in the morning should be interesting.

      We won't get the worst of it, thank goodness, but high tide might flood some of the homes nearest the water line. Hope not.

      Looks like Louisiana is bearing the brunt of this one.
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    I'm so blessed cause I'm in a place where there's no such thing like that. I feel so sad for those people who are in a situation like that, I hope all warriors are fine. God Bless.
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