Las Vegas Crew, What Gambling Games Do You Like To Play? - High Rollers!

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Spent around $4K last night, walked away with $300 extra before I called it a night. About to head down again tonight and play with around $20K on the table. High roller area was excellent, watched some guy with a $30K Gold Hublot Watch put about 20 $2K chips on the roultte table for about 20 games, was pretty bold of him, total for him was around half a million when he started.

Having a lot of fun with Blackjack, didn't have much luck with Roulette, and don't play the slots. So what games are your favorties? Gambling really isn't my thing, but it's nice once or twice a year..
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    I prefer the odds of IM to casinos, but when I played I preferred the games of skill:

    Poker (Hold 'em)
    ...And sometimes video poker.

    What all three have in common is they use a deck of cards, and cards have a mathematical "memory", which means there is skill involved.

    None of the other casino games have a "memory", meaning what happened in the past influences what will happen in the future.

    One problem is, with all the info on the net, many gamblers have become much more skilled than they were 15-20 years ago, and the casinos have made adjustments. Poker is also much tougher than it was, with more skilled players. You have to overcome tipping the dealer, the table rake and waitress tips just to break even, meaning an above average player could still be a loser long term.
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    roulette but strictly for fun and strict money management

    my only prince or pauper game

    prefer sports betting
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    Blackjack for me. And i sports bet on fights.
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