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This is a bit off topic so I'm posting here. Following a wso I bought recently I started to advertise some WSO's on FB and actually sold 3, lol. My ad spend was higher than the profit but well, at least I know it can work. About a week later I got a refund request in my email inbox through my warriorplus account. Bummer. Then when I checked my paypal account it turned out that next to the other two sales there was also a refund box that I had missed completely. Triple bummer!

However I never saw the same email that I did receive for the first one. Nor did I see a red message over my warriorplus account with a refund request. Does this mean the other two did not apply for a refund and Paypal just automatically adds the box when a payment is received OR does warriorplus remove the red warning after the 48 hour refund limit is reached? I'm confused over this.

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    Any payment received into your PayPal account will have a refund button - it's just for convenience and doesn't MEAN anything, it's just there for you to use.

    Your w+ account is where you need to manage refunds from.

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