How Smartphones Make Us Superhuman (CNN article)

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Great article!

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      A typical example of a news filler.

      If it's not a story about "carrots are good for you" or "X causes cancer", it's "phones are popular".
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    Interesting. I have more reason than most to sleep with them at my bedside, but they are almost always about 30+ feet away from where I sleep. I use them as alarmclocks, and they are usually charging. One feature that I miss from the blackberry, though the android hopefully has it, is the built in alarmclock for ITSELF. You see, when I slept, my blackberry did ALSO. It woke up just as it had to wake me up. That likely turned off GPS, and it did save the battery, and my sanity.

    Like a phantom limb? More see it as a tether! People often NEED cell phones because people EXPECT them to always be available.

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    Invention of smart phone is really big achievement of technology. Now we have whole word information in our hand and can get any information in a single touch.
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    No time to read the full article though, i conclude, man can live without superpower mobile gives him. and the site is not cnn. it looks like sub domian
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