A sincere thank you to Allen and Paul and others....

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...from the ORIGINAL forum team.

I became a member of this forum in its VERY early days. I was around when the likes of Ken Envoy were marketing, and Rick Beneteau was selling earl information products.

In fact, I, like a few of you, still have my Ken Envoy (VERY THICK) book. And was tickled when I got an email a few weeks ago about SBI coming back.

Anyhow, that is not why I wrote this. I just really wanted to take a moment out to say thank you to Allen and his team that has grown over the years. Matured, and nurtured an amazing place.

We weren't always in agreement. I had a knack for challenging the moderators now and again.

But, it was worth it, because I learned.

So now, all of these years later, to come back to the same vibrant and engaging conversation, is wonderful.

this STILL is the best place for information, once you know how to sift through it.

So, thanks gentlemen and women.

We are better because of this...

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    Welcome back. Wanna fight?

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    Paul.....IT IS GREAT TO SEE YOU STILL HERE AND KICKN! As I have said in a few places, it's YOU guys that have made this place what it is. Sure, it was a struggle in the early years, but dadgummit, you and Allen and the crew hung in there, and LOOK AT CHA NOW!

    Sincerely, hats off to you.

    (I laaaaaaughed when I saw this reply...!)

    Joining the Amazon Affiliate Family....!

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    Welcome back! I always look forward to seeing what the early members have to say.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    I feel a little funny saying "welcome back" since I didn't even know how to turn a computer on during the dates you're referring back to. So "nice ta meet ya" will have to suffice.

    Um...........as far as Paul?

    He doesn't really fight anymore. He has, however, developed a pronounced twitch in his delete key finger.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    HeySal....I'm still laughing 20 minutes after spitting out my lemonade from your twitch comment. I'm not sure he JUST developed it.....but it works, and that is all that's important. LMAO!

    It's a pleasure to meet you both.

    I can tell you this about the 'good ole day's', things were very Wild West'y with the methods and strategies here. Clearly, for me the two biggest shifts I can see right off the bat are
    1. The extreme proliferation of content for sale. Back in the day, that was the brick wall the 'maters' were telling us we needed. Ken Envoy for example as well a many others, had a mantra that developing products for sale was the way to riches.

    I think it was just too hard to theorize, for the newbie, WHAT to do, write or talk about. Hard to think outside of the box then. As well, technologies were VERY limited. It wasn't about social anything. It was about getting indexed, using safe lists, and a few other black hat tricks that worked WAY BACK WHEN.

    2. The second thing I noticed is a spiritual side to this forum. I couldn't believe how many people chime in about The Secret, and other metaphysical ideas and concepts and how they have an affect on ones success.

    I agree by the way. Wrote a book about it a few years back. But later for that. I think it's great to hear such a diversity of ideas, as it really makes the marketing soul stronger.

    I'd REALLY love to hear what some of the REAL old school Guru's would have to say about that VERY new connectivity to marketing. Tying in the spirit to the success module...

    Anyhow. Again, its truly a pleasure to meet, and I very much looks forward to the discussions.


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    Those ("gurus") that stayed around never missed a beat keeping up with the morphing, though.

    I was new online when I dropped in here. I'm still a techno-moron but I write - and I'm good, so that was the main thing for me. It was being here that helped me channel myself online. My main niche (rock and gem hunting) is one foot in and one out of cyberspace. I'd never have had survived online without this crowd of psychotics.

    Hey -- Dennis Gaskill up there a few posts? You remember Drop Jack? He just said hi to you.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    Seriously, you make a gerat point, and it's been that way 'ever since'. Alright, I'm kind droolin over the 'good ole days' but that focus is exactly what it brought then and now.

    You know, it's funny, for years, I have popped in and out of the forum as I would do searches and discover things, read things. Truth be told (Paul...shhhh) it wasn't a very pretty 'break up' back then. I was, eh hem...well, let's say, a problem child. VERY new at this game then, and just believed I DESERVED information and answers and 'rights' that just really weren't....there.

    So, after I left, as I said, I would come back, because as you say, this place breeds focus. And there were times where I thought to myself, "self...you should sign up again, and be good this time...please". But for this reason or that, I just didn't come off of the money.

    Recently, with a new product that I'm about to launch, I knew the ONLY place I could really be successful with it both from a learning and honing perspective, and hopefully, a sales angle, IF it is going to do anything, would be to start here.

    So I came back, and paid again. I laughed when I saw the '20 year' thing..thought to myself again, "Self, didn't you see that before....lol".

    Here's the bottom line, and I don't suggest this methodology for ANYONE, but this place is worth paying TWICE for. If you aren't a good girl/boy when at first you are a member, go away, cool off, grow up, and then, throw yourself on the mercy of the powers that be, and try and pay them again, for a membership that you will RESPECT! lol

    I am proof. Well, let me get this product up and THEN, I'll be proof.
    Ok, thanks for following this train of consciousness...

    Joining the Amazon Affiliate Family....!

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