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I've never really considered living out the US, mainly due to the fact that there are so many different areas in this country that are so different from everywhere else. Since I've started making some money with this whole online thing, though, I've started thinking about what it'd be like to not live anywhere but yet live everywhere at the same time.

For those Americans who have left the US and now live abroad, what's it like? Did you give up your citizenship, or do you still come home every so often so that you don't lose it? Are the people where you are friendly and inviting, or have you found places you couldn't stay just because you are/were an American?

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    I moved from America to England when I was 20. I am now back in America. I really liked
    England. I thought the people were fantastic and the buildings were stunning. I lived pretty close to Scotland so I got to enjoy the countryside and the city. I had to come back because my student visa ran out. My husband and I moved across the world and are now in sunny Florida. I used computers to keep in touch with family and friends because I could not find a good phone plan, but it was more than enough.

    Basically, I really enjoyed it. I also really enjoy it here. I would go for the experience!
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    Some Americans live as broads in Canada, I think.

    Project HERE.

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