CHARITY Products needed for helping 30 orphan childrens!!!

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Products needed
This is a charity for helping 30 childrens from Romania before the new year!
Since i don't trust in government charities i will fly personally there and i will do this charity.

What they will need:

Internet (i will pay in advance for one or two years)
Cable Tv
Get them an English teacher that i will pay for one year in advance
School Supplies
And of course Christmas Tree
If i miss anything please let me know!

When i will do the charity i will stream LIVE using Livestream - Watch thousands of live events & live stream your events so anyone can see it and i will spell every contributor name and website. Everything will be recorded and anyone can have the record to use as he wish.

Who want to be in?
This will be sold as WSO and anyone can promote it!
Really appreciate Marius
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