What do you eat when you work on an online project?

by mickyl
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I'm addicted to chocolate so a lot of dark chocolate is involved when at work, and the worse thing is that I work from home so the chocolate supply never ends.

Looking for an alternatives, any suggestions?
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    I'll usually have a protein shake with weight gainer and a bunch of other crap added nearby. I'm trying to gain weight though, so that may not be for you.

    If I wanted a healthy snack I'd have either a bowl of unsalted peanuts (protein) or grapes. Have a ton of water with you as well. Gotta stay hydrated lol.
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    I always take a break when I'm eating, and most of the time I go out, so you should try doing that. When you get back, you will be ready for a fresh start with a new perspective on what you're doing.
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    I only eat twice per day and never when I'm working.

    Can't concentrate on a full stomach.
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      When you eat, stop working and focus on eating. When you work, don't eat.

      Allocate an amount of chocolate you can consume each day - and if you can't do that, stop buying chocolate:p
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    Sometimes sucking on hard candy gives you the feeling you're eating something...but with minimal calories.

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    $5 Little Caesar's Hot-n-Ready.
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      You guys eat while you're working on projects on the net?

      Wow! What happens with me is that I get so wrapped up in my project that I forget to eat.

      However, when I do come up for air and realize I'm famished, I'll go grab some grapes, and cheese cubes.

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      • If you feel you need to snack when you're at the computer, almost any kind of fresh fruit or raw vegetable is a good option.

        Grapes were already mentioned, but you can also substitute apple or melon slices, any berries, peaches, or pears. Avoid bananas, however.

        For vegetables, carrots are among the best. Celery sticks are okay, but go easy on them. Naturally, you'll want to stay away from high-fat dips.

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    If I'm really hooked on a project I actually forget to eat. Sometimes I wont eat for like 14hrs as I'm just so focused on a task on my computer over the weekend.

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    My projects are mainly writing projects. While writing I eat chunky peanut butter and banana sandwiches on whole wheat. Yeah!
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    Actually for me, i don't eat at all when am working on something anless i take cofee or cold drink and spend more than 12 hours while pushing for my project.
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    I do not eat. I just drink the entire time. I eat when I take a break.
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    Lots of coffee.
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