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Hello fellow warriors. I believe this is the forum to introduce myself. My name is Sean McManus and I am a software developer. I focus on marketing software. I have 3 companies that do web design, Internet marketing (seo), and marketing software development. I love to help people with sales and marketing. I have joined this forum to give free marketing and sales advice. Network with people who do what I do, sign up affiliates to make them money and I'd be lying if I didn't say so but to also sell my software. All of my softwares make the buyers money back in 30 days. So the way I see it, I am helping all across the board

I will introduce 3 of my most recent programs briefly and then go on to become an active helper in this community.

When facebook went public. i told friends and family that of course there will be a new facebook and the current facebook will be old news, however the information facebook has on individuals from a marketing perspective is priceless. This is why i developed a business to consumer software that pulls all that valuable data on an endless loop.

Next i found that most of the lead gen software is incomplete, so i made a lead generation software that endlessly pulls company phone numbers for sales calls, physical addresses with label printing for postcards and e-mail addresses for e-mail advertising. all based on keywords. This software emails and collects data on an endless loop, it stores email templates and uses tokens to make each email personable.

The last software i will mention is an automated seo software that does the work of 7 programs in 1. it creates content and publishes content to the top 50 relevant article posting websites with page rank 3 and above as well as .edu and . gov sites. As well as your very own website.

To this date I have developed 2 apps and 5 programs. All of which are the best in their category.

My website in my signature is currently being built and should be live in a week or 2 tops.

Thank you for reading my post......cheers!

- Sean
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