What's up with arrogant noobies?

by bsbear
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In the past few weeks I've seen an increasingly large amount of people messaging me asking for help-- and then when I try my best to give them some of my time and advice for free, they often get rude or apprehensive at the fact that I can't focus 100% of my time on them.

Have you guys ever had someone be mean to you for trying to help them out.. when they originally contacted you?
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    As a matter fact I have and it's usually the folks who have no idea of how much time is really involved in the advice you are giving them. And the one's that are the worst are the ones who won't take your advice and take any action on it at all.

    Perhaps you should consider telling them, at the time you originally hear from them, that you will give them a few minutes of your time, but anything past that will involve them paying you a consulting fee. The ones who are serious and willing to pay for your advice will understand. The ones looking for free advice will tell you how mean you are for charging for your service and others will just go away and hopefully you will never hear from them.

    Generally when they are mean to me and for no apparent reason, I will call them out on it very politely. When I do that I never hear from them again or the vast majority have e-Mailed me back and apologized for being rude.

    It's very hard not to take it personally and its extremely difficult to take the high road when you know you have helped them and given freely of your time. However, you losing your temper and wasting your time to try and get back at them isn't the best route to your peace of mind. But then again it may help.


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    So you think if you repeat an issue causing a Brewhaha upstairs in the main forum we won't notice?

    I think we should just skip over this topic before it causes the same mess down here as it did upstairs.

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    It's down to irresponsible marketers selling the dream that a "one-eyed, blindfolded baboon who stays in bed all-day, can make one gazillion dollars at the push of a button...all for FREE!!!"
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