Newbies before you invest into a coaching program, there are things you must know

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To all who are new to the IM world, nothing is more confusing to navigate an trying to build an online business with so many compartments to master. So there are many people who will take advantage of that. Please educate yourself before committing to any programs..

Just understand that IM business is just like a brick and mortar business. Making money online essentially is the same as brick and mortar business. You need education, you need to work hard, you need strategy and tactics and a good marketing strategy.

If you ever heard someone promise you a "quick and easy soulution, or a push button software" or any outrageous claim, please run the other direction.

Here is a great article that show case how some of the scams works :

Scamworld: 'Get rich quick' schemes mutate into an online monster | The Verge

Hope this will serve you well, and remember before parting your hard earn money, do your own research first.
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    Thank you for the article ysckyler. This will help newbies to think another way around.
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    Well if i have read this articles when i was new, i would totally not get caught up by the product of the week. Every week there seems to be launching a new type "awesome" products that seems to find a loophole in the google system, or facebook or whatever. I still receive email till this day

    So it just goes to show that 99% of product is crap out there, and this scam works because people do not know better. They will keep buying until either they found a good product or they will be burn so bad by it they will leave the industry all together.
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