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"What's to eat please mum?"

I love my mum.

My mum, she's the best mum in the whole world - I wouldn't swap her for anyone.

Plump, cuddly, always smiling, the patience of a saint with a fantastic sense of humour.

Babies? She adores them. Absolutely adores them.

My mother is the most kindhearted, bubbly, gentle, good fun person to be around and even now pushing 46... if I flop my head on to a cushion on her lap on the sofa and ask her to flop my ears, well...

...I don't know any other woman in the whole wide world who will quite happily sit there flopping my ears to my hearts content for hours on end. Magical. Simply magical.

She cooks the best 'Sunday' roast dinners in the world. At least 3x a week. Trunter on to her at 90mph and she always listens. Always offers the best advice in the world.

Every week when I go to see her, she and I will catch up on the latest news from Strictly Come Dancing, then holding her by the hand, walk her to the kitchen during the commercial break and if BBC Radio2 is playing on the radio, she and I will dance together in the kitchen holding each other in our arms with me affectionately teasing the old girl. Wonderful. Simply wonderful times.

Sometimes, I don't think we appreciate our mothers enough. My mum, she's one in a million... exuding warmth, kindness, patience galore - I think the bloody world of her. She's the best mum I could ever have hoped for without any shadow of doubt.

Now 70 she's getting a bit cranky, ever so slightly eccentric but her green eyes still flash with a mischievous deep sparkle within them. The very personification of commonsense on two legs, I dare not get on the wrong side of her. Lightning flashed and thunder roared that's my mother. She's trained me well.

I absolutely love her to bits and wouldn't swap her for anyone in the world.

What do you think of your mother and why?

Smoking hot,

Mark Andrews

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