Best Childhood Memory?

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What is your Best Childhood Memory??
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    whiskers on kittens all tied up in string
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    One? I had a great childhood, so that one's really tough. I think mostly, though, it was my years in the country in small town, MI when I would arm with a jack knife and salt shaker and roam around the orchards, fields, and woods - or maybe the Christmas's in Florida at my grandparents, hunting seashells on the beaches with the family........or maybe...the trips we'd take to historical and natural sites like old Williamsburg, the Boston trail, Mammoth caves, etc.........or maybe.....ah, forget it. I just have tons of awesome memories.

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    My best childhood memory - the day I went to the shops with my big brother, and he bought a Sega Master System. It came with an inbuilt game called Alex Kidd in Miracle World. I spent so many days playing that game, and it was one of the happiest periods in my life lol Those were the good old days before I learned about tax, responsibility, and all that other boring adult stuff
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    So many good memories but there's one that really stands up. I almost everyday remember when my dad took me on a motorbike ride around town after he came back from work. He did it everyday.

    I feel like crying right now. Thanks for opening this thread.
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    Playing in the streets with my cousins. It's the only thing that I can remember in my childhood.
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    My best childhood memories must be all the thousands of fishing trips I, my dad and my friends were on. We fished almost every day and it was so fun!
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    Going to the beach surfing, without Mum and Dad. I was only 10 years old but walked a mile to go swimming in the waves on my trusty surfboard. My parents didn't seem too worried.
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    Going camping in Upstate NY and listening to old school rap music while fishing!

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    Playing hide and seek with my friends in primary school.

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    trying to be an adult -- skipping to school just to set up a "business." haha that was fun, now that I think about it.
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    That time I tried to light a neighbor's back yard on fire.
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      Hmm, well it has to be my earliest memory.

      I was idly floating around in some amniotic fluid, but man . . . was it getting tight in there. There was no room to swing a mouse let alone the proverbial cat.

      So I've been patiently waiting for days for this tiny hole beneath me to widen enough so I could squeeze my way out, when all of a sudden a shaft of light appears to my left and I see a flashing glint of a blade of steel.

      Thank god I thought, they've sent the Gurkhas in to save me.
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    Playing on the Brooklyn streets with my friends ( before all the high speed electronics) and Christmas morning after Santa came ( So magical). Adulthood? Well maybe I do wish I could go back in time sometimes.
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    i have lots of childhood memories, but my favorite one is ... when i was in class one, my teacher give me a book for reading poem loudly. but i bcz i was so naughty baby, i started a song which i heard with my brother tape recorder. all the class were started laughing and my teacher wasalso smiling. but she wouldn't give me punish.

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