Are women better marketers than men?

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I was thinking about this and figured, since marketing is built largely on emotionally understanding your target market, I thought women perhaps would in fact be better marketers...

This is an interesting read on that very concept..


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    (disclaimer: I am a woman) - One would think that women should be better at this for a multitude of reasons.

    Are we? I really dunno.

    At the end of the day, it is about attracting and relating to your target audience - and THAT is what makes you a good marketer.

    Are women better at that? I could talk about that very topic for hours.

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    I don't think it is based on your gender. I think both genders bring different inate strengths to the table that may give them an edge in certain areas, but I think ultimately it comes down to knowing your niche and your target market and knowing how to market to them.
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    I thinks man is the brain , but i have a lot of female partners who are better in IM then me
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    Yes i would assume so, i actually assume that women are better at everything. Women have more skill, less confidence. Men have more confidence and less skill. We have to work really hard to get to your level of skill. However you have to work really hard to get to our level of confidence. Men are aggressive and women are submissive. Which is why they get paid less than men, because they allow it, you also charge less than men. Men charge more because were proud and we like to show off our muscles. It's just nature.

    gender psychology 001
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      Originally Posted by IMDESTROYER View Post

      YMen are aggressive and women are submissive.

      gender psychology 001
      I coached gold level fastpitch for years. When the opposing team had a women for a coach we knew her team would be one of the most aggressive of the day.

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        Originally Posted by Troy_Phillips View Post

        I coached gold level fastpitch for years. When the opposing team had a women for a coach we knew her team would be one of the most aggressive of the day.
        I think competitive women are generally VERY competitive, almost act as though they have a chip on their shoulder.

        Much like women police officers.
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    I thinkit depends on what's being marketed. Women tend to understand female needs better, and men understand male needs.
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    I don't think so, men and women are equally good in marketing.
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    Um Well from what I've heard YES, women make better marketers than men. I dont know why or how but it seems to be truth.
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    I think women are better than men at a lot of things. They're very good at forgiving and at cooking. And who knows, they may be better at marketing.

    A woman shopping online will trust another woman over a man so in that regard they may be better than men at having more opportunities to make money.
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    I could see how a woman would be better considering 80% of household buying decisions are primarily made by the woman. Plus I've met a few really good female marketers.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    Yes,,,,,,, when it is face to face marketing,
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    For offline marketers, women are better than men
    because men prospects succumb to women easily.

    Maybe because of the two orange googles always
    steering at us when they are trying to close a sale!
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  • I dont think gender matters at all.
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    Any given woman are better than any given man and vice versa.

    But if you're just going on volume, I'd assume there are WAY more IMers that are men than women. So it stands to reason there are more successful men than women marketers
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    Great PDF thanks for sharing it.

    Of course there are no absolutes - I know many great male and female marketers.

    I think what I see personally is that some men tend to promote in terms of things and ego (get the sportscar, the beachhouse, the babe on your arm at the Playboy mansion) whereas the women marketers I see promote more in terms of empathy in overall life struggles - financial security, providing for your family, etc. Again not ALL, but what I see a lot of.

    One area where the article might be right as far as big offline companies is where men tend to step into the spotlight regardless of who's best for the job. In Internet Marketing, we ARE our brand, and men dominate in terms of self promotion and branding.

    Some women are too mousy - wish they weren't. Wish they'd get a bit more ego and bragging to be competitive and maybe steer consumers in their direction - especially the ethical ones I know.
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    Is this real? Lol, some of the insight I've read in here about women or men being more aggressive is hilarious.

    In the business world, there are not men and women, there are wolves and there are sheep. Sheep blindly follow the herd and wolves own the herd, controlling those sheep.

    There are dominant/submissive women just as they're are dominant/submissive men. One general gender isn't better at anything, it comes down to personality types.

    Skype: Coreygeer319

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    Women might have a slight advantage...they work harder to prove themselves.
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    I don't know if I would say yes but I would say they really know how to get things done and how to stay focused. Not all but the strong willed and the domineering ones can really lead a pack.

    I do think it's time we have a female president


    Manny Rodriguez Blog:

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    Sometimes but not always ..
    for mobile marketing ladies are the best ,for their lovely voice and patience also for the habit of over talking ,
    but for practical world they are not benefited always .
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    Haha no mention of this very interesting fact:

    For starters, women’s brains are the default for all of us. For the first eight
    weeks of our existence in the womb we all have a female brain. Then genes and
    sex hormones take over. In the case of boys, a huge surge in foetal testosterone
    results in the destruction of cells in the communication centres of the brain and
    the growth of cells in the sex and aggression centres. Meanwhile the female
    fetus, devoid of the surge in male hormones, continues to grow unaltered.
    I really just think women are better at tapping the emotional angle which is a massive part in getting your target market to take the desired action.

    I know with my wife, she'll read into somebody and tell me what the person was really thinking or feeling at the time, where I was nowhere close in even slightly getting that feeling from the person... I'd imagine that would translate quite well into sales too, reading the prospect on an emotional level on the fly.

    Another example of women having a better read on people is my grandmother, she used to tell us she didn't like a person, we all just thought she was bein' a b****. 3 months, 6 months, a couple years later, that person would later come back and show his ugly side...

    I agree that you can't say an entire sex is superior to another in any one field.

    It'd be like saying all men could beat up a woman, however, there are PLENTY of women I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of.
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    Both genders have their good and bad points but there are also people who have good and bad points when it comes to skills. You can't say that a female will always be better and you can't say a male will either. You run your own business based on your skills, regardless of gender.

    Having said that, some niches are best suited to a specific gender and that will improve their chances of doing well. Men selling makeup or women selling cars or motor cycles would be a broad generalisation of things that normally wouldn't work well. However, there would also be exceptions to those rules too.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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