Andy's Birthday Bash - Have you been to others?

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Hi Warriors,

It's my 40th birthday later this year and I was wondering how to include my IM friends in a birthday bash - then saw Willie recently having an official birthday bash.

I couldn't get to it so I have no idea what went on (although I've seen LOTS of photos from it), so I wondered if anyone who went had any comments from it.

It's it crazy to have a birthday bash for your IM friends to come to?

Is it crazy to turn it into a seminar / party?

While my preference is to just party, there does seem to be a logic to making more of having a bunch of IMers together in the same place at all levels of success and experience.

So I thought I'd you guys.

What are your thoughts on this type of thing?

If I had a birthday bash and you were invited - what would you hope it would be like?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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