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This post has been edited by a moderator to add this: Please post your New Year's wishes in this thread. We've merged 10 threads into this one so far. We don't need 50 Happy New Year threads. Thank you---and Happy New Year!
As it is now the last day of 2012, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody here a Happy New Year. May you enjoy whatever you do for the night, whether you go out and party hard or whether you stay home and enjoy your own company or that of a few friends and/or family.

Make some strong New Year's resolutions and stick with them next year.

May 2013 bring all that you hope, dream and aim for in your business and personal lives.

I also want to thank everyone that has given me work to do or purchased any of my products. I also want to thank everyone that has shared advice on questions I have asked or shared knowledge with others that I have also learned from.

I am always appreciative of more work that people give me and my goal is to boost my business even more next year.

So CHEERS everyone. Here's to a great 2013!!!
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    Happy new year to you and everyone weekend warriors on these forum. It is going to be anew year for us to dream and plan. A new day to hope and keep the fire burning.

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    Hello friends!
    Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and productive New Year! I hope you all do what you wanted next year!

    All the best!
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    I,m on holiday in Fiji, we have 10 minutes left soooo Happy New Year World, have a good one.
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    HA-OOH Warriors!!

    Newbie here..well new to the forum, though not to IM / SEO.

    After seeing out years consulting for firms, this coming year I am stepping up and setting up my own gig . I am super excited to learn from all of you wonderful wizards out here, share what I know and be helpful where I can, provide good services and do honest work. I look forward to interacting with you all and working with you.

    Here's wishing everyone here an awesome 2013!

    May fortune smile on all of you! Rock on!

    "Be water, my friend" - Bruce Lee

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    I hope you have a great year and 2013 is the best yet , I am stuck in Townsville in QLD tonight and the only things keeping me company are the mossies and frogs but the best part is this is going to a fun year

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      გილოცავთ ახალ წელს! (if it's the Republic of Georgia), or just Happy New Year to you all (if it's the US state called Georgia).
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    love you warrior admin & team members.
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    It's already an hour after the new year here in the Philippines.

    Happy new year everyone, more blessings to come and more business to come to everyone
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      Happy new year guys, 6 and a half hours to go yet for us in the UK x
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      Happy New Years! Mine is in 10HRs
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    Happy new year everybody! http://www.icq.com/img/friendship/st...d_16961_rs.swf check the link out. happy new year gift for you.
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    From me to you warriors, HAPPY NEW YEAR, May this be the year that your internet marketing dream are truly fullfilled.
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    12.30 in Scotland.

    The old year has gone, and 2013 has arrived, I would like to wish everyone a really happy and prosperous new year...

    Best wishes.
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    All the best to everyone in 2013. I hope this year is the best one ever Happy New Year!
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      All the best to all!

      It's my second quiet one! All good though!
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    Happy New Year one and all. May the most you dare hope for be the least you get!

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Good Riddance 2012.

    Happy New Year to all my warrior friends.

    Here's to a prosperous and productive 2013.

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    My 2013 wish is for anyone that reads my written words shall live long and prosper!

    Happy New Year Warriors!!!

    Have a Great Day/Month/Year!
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    Happy new year warriors.

    "I'm not a nerd, I'm a video game enthusiast." - Darryl

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    Happy new year all.. Wishing You All The Best of 2013
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    Wishing you all fellow Warriors, a peaceful, prosperous and a Happy New Year.

    Some of us have at times felt lonely, isolated and struggling during 2012 but the great people on this forum are there to provide the mental and physical strength to carry on. I feel that 2013 for all of us will be the best ever as that warm support from fellow Warriors will get even stronger and we will all inspire each other to be successful in IM.

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    Happy New Year 2013 to all fellow warriors. Wish you all the best and make more money online.

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