Financial historian Niall Ferguson - How the West was lost

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Niall talks with CNBC about the continuing decline of the West, Europe, USA, etc. and the rapid ascent of the East.

The six killer apps that Niall mentioned in the above video. This is an excellent TED talk.

An excellent study in world economics.

Joe Mobley
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    I expected this to be just so much garbage. To tell you the truth, I am only half way done with the second video.

    HE said the west is better(HISTORICALLY) BECAUSE:

    1. competition
    2. scientific revolution
    3. property rights
    4. modern medicine
    5. consumer society
    6. work ethic

    I have been a STRONG proponent of 1,2,3,5,6. Admittedly I thought less about 4, and it HAS been unjustly restrained. GUESS WHAT though! 1,2,3,5,6 mean the #4 is a natural consequence. In fact, many others feed off of one another. 1 and 6 obviously do, for example. THAT encourages #2, which means people will demand #3! Of course people need to live, and the above will make them want to get stuff they otherwise couldn't, which means #5!

    It is a shame that people are trying to push away from this. and that is DEFINITELY one reason why we are where we are!

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  • Read his book - Civilization : the West and the rest
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