Wow! this is what Google Glass looks like

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Google Glass looks cool!

more here

How it will feel to wear Google Glass -
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    looking for the link 'how to pay for google glasses'
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    Oh goody goody - now we'll have more ways to represent life virtually so we don't actually have to get out of our chairs and actually experience it. What a waste of time.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    I wonder how long it'll take for the p0rn industry to start using these.
    Why do garden gnomes smell so bad?
    So that blind people can hate them as well.
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    I found this on reddit:

    What the Google Glass UI will really look like.



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  • Pretty dynamic presentation -
    I Hope we don't start out like Alice through the looking glass, then end up being Mad Hatters, Cheshire Cats, White Rabbits, and especially Twitter-Dee and Twitter-Dumb...
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    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    price on taobao - 12,000 to 15,000 rmb
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      Arrrr, great, we will get pulled over and fined for wearing G glasses, or glasses that look like them.

      This should dramatically increase pedestrian deaths!

      This teck might be good to show at parties, but dumb in the real world!

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    now porn POV will be better ;P
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    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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      Sometimes it's hard to talk to people today becuase they are constantly checking their iphone - now they can pretend to look at you while they cruise Facebook. Wow - what an improvement.

      I can imagine the conversation - "oh man, you need to see this....I wish you could see what I'm lookin' at".

      People who have a habit of leaving their glasses laying around will have to change their ways.
      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    This is great, I watched all the youtube video related to this and I'm amazed.
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