Ground Breaking Treatment Allows Paralyzed Rats To Walk Again, Humans Next

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    WOW, when I was a little kid they were talking about trying to use electric stimulation of nerves and limbs to get them to regrow and were musing that with the right pattern, or drugs they could some day do it. If they succeed here, it begs the question of if they could regrow limbs. Even nerve damage was once thought to be permanent. Even on the bionic series, they spoke of jumping the nerves, rather than repairing them.

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    Wow, I wonder why this isn't getting more coverage?
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    I saw this several months - maybe even a year ago. Haven't heard anything since. It'd be nice to know how close they are getting to use it for humans. Of course - only the elite will be able to afford it and I'm not sure we need any more of them running around by their own volition.

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