Help My Good Friend Bring ACTUAL COFFEE to Ohio!

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Hey Warriors,

My friend started a coffee bean roasting company last year and has spent the past 6 months getting his ducks in a row for a Kickstarter campaign. Now that the campaign is running, he desperately needs your help.

His goal: Bring good coffee to the Midwest!

I don't wanna try to sell this to anyone so just check out the "Actual Coffee" Kickstarter Campaign to see if it's something you can get behind. I made my pledge last week and will be getting a nice coffee mug in a month or so

Make sure to watch the video, too!
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    If they can bring coffee to China, I'm sure they can bring it to the Midwest too.

    Chinese tea farmers are switching to coffee - Los Angeles Times

    Project HERE.

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    i thought ohio had enough yuppies already
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      Originally Posted by hardraysnight View Post

      i thought ohio had enough yuppies already
      Ohio and yuppies? Northwest Ohio is going through a really tough time. I recently left because of an opportunity but in reality, work was sparse and I had to get out to make things happen. My family, friends, and roots lie there. I wouldn't consider many people in that area "yuppies". Certainly not the people I grew up with and love.

      Go to Northwest Ohio/Southern Eastern Michigan and your options for a good brew don't exist. They're forced to buy stuff that sits on the shelf for an extended period of time.

      As I said, if you love coffee, it would be awesome to support my friend. He's been dedicating every waking day to making this business work for him and all he needs is the financial help of others to make his dream come true. If he can get this roaster, (he's 58% there!) he can run his business and supply the city with good coffee.

      This isn't about making tons of money. He cares about educating people on coffee and doing what he loves.
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        I'm from Southern Ohio and get back there occasionally - plenty of very good coffee there (even though I don't drink the stuff).

        I think it's amazing he's raised $8k. The idea of donating $25 and paying $5 shipping for a pound of coffee is ingenious if you can find enough people willing to do it.
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