FWP: I just bought a really awesome course, but now it's finals week.

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why is my life so hard
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    If you have finals, and a really awesome course, which apparently makes it hard for you to use your time as you'd like, then why are you wasting even more time posting up a thread like this?

    Shouldn't you be studying ... something?

    Just sayin'... :rolleyes:

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      I haven't studied at all throughout the entire course of the term, so I'm not at all prepared whatsoever for the exam in any way shape or form. I'm pretty sure they stopped making finals based on the curriculum of the 10 week course at my school and changed it to arbitrary trivia, so there's really no REAL way for me to study.

      As for the course I just bought -- everything in it happens instantly. Since I've already activated it, I don't have anything of any real value to add to it except to just stare it while it makes me billions, and eventually trillions, of dollars. So really I'm just complaining that I can't stare at my bank account grow.

      I have to go now, though. I spend absolutely 100% of the awake time in my day on school and work.
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    Good luck with finals, hope your course turns out to be great. Always good to have an education too, imho.
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