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Everybody became an internet marketer for some reason. Most came in for the money, a small part - for helping other people. What was your story, why did you become an IM? What was your inspiration to go on in the hardest moments?

I've always been on the opinion that no matter how good you are at something, you need to be very passionate about what you're doing if you want to be really successful.
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    for me it was remembering how much I absolutely hated working for someone else, so when times got tough early on, I remembered that one little thing...put my head down...and pushed on...
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    Off topic has it's own forum...
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    Yukon does it for the models and the Cristal

    I got into it because I was honestly fascinated by it. I was in real estate at the time, appraisals and I was good at that. There are a lot of parallels between my former career and this one. Everyone has their skills and mine was being able to look at a data set and find the pattern. It just made sense to me. Why is this house selling for more than that one translated nicely into: what makes this site rank better than that one.

    I learned web design to build the website for my business and in promoting that site I became my first IM client and I was in love... with IM.

    Was telling a friend the other day that I was sick and working from bed. Who wouldn't want this job? I've been blessed but I know that if I hadn't fallen in love I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't have dug in with both hands and learned what I had to. If you are doing it for the money from the get go you won't make the money. JMO
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