I want to backup my PC using Cloud Services. How do I do it?

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I recently got an account with Mega and with it's 50Gb allowance, I want to back up my PC but without having to pay $10 to Mozy every month!

Exactly what files do I need to back up the PC just in case anything goes wrong? i

If the PC was destroyed for example, how could I use this backup to restore the software and everything else on it?

Thanks in anticipation.

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    You have several questions going on and I am only going to asnwer this one:

    "If the PC was destroyed for example, how could I use this backup to restore the software and everything else on it?"

    1: Buy an external hard drive.
    2: Buy backup software. I prefer and recommend this,and it is not an affiliate link:
    Best Backup Software for Windows Desktop and Laptop Computers
    3: Get your computer in the state you are comfortable with, and then do a backup.
    4: backup on a regular basis. Daily,weekly,monthly;whatever you are comfortable with.

    This should keep you protected.

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    Can't say I trust cloud storage for backups - more for bandwidth and longevity than for security reasons. If they go out of business what happens to your data? how long will it take to back up and restore a backup? finally how easy is it to test a backup? (and if you're NOT testing to see if you can restore a backup you're in for a very bad day at some point in time).

    Having said this I did try carbonite once for some business servers and while it worked ok, I did not really like it. So I went to cancel my account and it was a bloody nightmare to get the account closed - and they never did refund me - had to do a chargeback on my credit card which I really don't like doing.

    What I do is use acronis software to do a weekly full backup and a nightly incrementals. Once a month or so (basically when I remember) I do what I call a full metal backup - basically a bit copy of all the hard drive to an external usb drive. I use an open source tool called REdo.

    Redo Backup Bare Metal Restore Solution GUI Backup Open Source GPL Recovery

    With the acronis software I can restore a single file if needed. With the full metal backup you can only do a full restore - but I basically have it for an emergency - ie the drive fails and I have to replace it.

    a bit of an overkill granted but I believe you can never have too many backups.

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