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I'm advertising a car on Craigslist. Just recieved the following email from "John Smith" after I replied to a request for info:

Thanks for the response. I would like to make an outright purchase,I am very much interested. Actually am presently observing my honey moon and am not receiving phone calls but my secretary will handle it so i will appreciate it if you can withdraw the posting from craigslist,I will pay an extra $50 for the posting to be taken down from Craigslist. I will be paying via certified bank check.Furthermore my mover will be coming over for the pick up..as i might not be available for the pick up myself but am OK with the information from the ad.I will need the following information details to make payment arrangement 1,Your full name to be on the Payment.2 ,Your residence address and postal address.3,Your phone number both land and mobile.4,Your postal code.????
I will really appreciate it buying this item from you.So you get me the required information for your payment to be issued asap.
Thank you.

Just be aware that the scammers are actively trolling CL looking for marks.
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    My wife put some furniture up for sale on CL and got the exact same email.
    Sadly she gave them the requested information.

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    If I remember right, the next thing they request is that when the "mover" arrives to get the item that you help them out by paying them - say $1000. They tell you that they'll add an extra $1500 to the check to cover the $100 plus your trouble. The problem is that the bank is non-existent. They get your item and an extra $1000.

    Sounds reasonable unless you've heard of the scam before.
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      That had to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Wow lol

      "Brother Okerie" haha

      think I posted this on the wrong thead - but yeah those CL smammers tried to pull one over on me two. When I got the check, I think it was for like $2,000 - I thought "It's probably some nice old rich people moving here from another country and I don't want to take advantage of them"

      If only I would have known!
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