"The Voice" The Top 6 Have Been Chosen By America

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Very interesting Tuesday night on "The Voice" this week.

The field was narrowed down to the top 6. 2 powerhouse

voices were sent home.

Who do you think will be the last 2 standing?

My vote is for Holly and Amber.

Las Vegas odds at the moment:

Danielle- 2/1

Michelle- 2/1

Amber- 10/1

Sasha- 12/1

Holly- 33/1

Swon Brothers- 50/1

Danielle seems to dominate iTunes with her songs always landing in the top

They all have thousands of likes on their Facebook pages.

Next 3 weeks will be very interesting..

Robert Oliver
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    Interesting odds as I'd put Holly even with Amber. In my mind, Sasha and the Swon Brothers are low on the totem pole right now.

    Not due to lack of talent - just level of competition.
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      An update on Holly.

      Her website: Holly Tucker

      Facebook: hollytuckermusic

      You can follow her there if you are interested.

      She opened this last Friday for a band in Waco, Tx. Thousands showed up to
      welcome her home and give her support.

      She sang 4 songs and then proceeded to sign autographs and take photos
      for over 3 hours.

      She will be a very busy girl. She is now headed to Houston to sing before 20,000
      pastors at the Baptist National Convention.

      She heads to Alabama to sing before a very large audience somewhere in the state.

      She then boards a plane to go back to Los Angeles for "The Voice" final.

      She comes back to Waco to do a 3-4 hour long concert featuring her original stuff, stuff from the show and other songs. She has guest coming, but that is a secret. I am thinking
      the Swon Brothers and Danielle if she does not win.

      After that she is headed to Nashville to hash out her recording contract. She has many, many offers on the table. Blake is also behind her as well.

      The exposure is what she wanted and she got it. She will end up doing very well. My wife and I had photos taken with her, her mom and dad are good friends of ours.

      If I find out anymore I will let you know.

      Thanks for supporting her Kay.

      Robert Oliver

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        I was sorry to see her go - but I know she'll be fine. I think Blake will be instrumental in getting her career off the ground - he's a stand up guy. I think she'll do very well.

        I said before - at this stage all of those on the show are heading into great careers.

        Now that Holly's not there I think Danielle is my favorite - but I also like the Swon brothers and Michelle.
        Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
        It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.

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    Danielle Bradbury is going to be a huge star!

    She has that "It" factor that you can't fully explain, but know it when you see it.
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