iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S4?

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Hi guys,
which phone would you choose, the upcoming iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S4?
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    I suspect that things will be quite different and much clear in 6 to 12 months' time By the way things are going, Android phones and tablets are going to overwhelm the market.

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    Currently I am more excited to see what's next for Apple though I am quite optimistic that Android phones will get into it's next level as time progress.
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  • thumbs up for Iphone................................
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    The iPhone 6 will have to make several drastic changes in not only it's software but also it's hardware if it's hoping to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

    Though Apple aren't exactly known for making drastic changes..
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    I assume IPhone 6 won't be sensation.
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    apple always! so a up for Iphone
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    I am a fan of Android so I vote for the Galaxy.
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    I would also go with android, not because I hate apple products but because there is a sense of 'freedom' with android.
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    Android products are superior and it is not even close. Unless you want a an extremely simple phone, iphone is the phone for you.
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    Might not be an iPhone 6, could come out with a 5s before that, I guess it all really depends on what android throws out at you. The Galaxy 4s is going to be pretty tough to beat right now, phone looks and feels awesome.
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    Definitely a Samsung Galaxy S4. Its performance is really quite satisfying compared to Iphone. Just my honest opinion.
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      by the time iphone 6 is here most likely Samsung have S5 already, i would go with that for sure as Apples track record for last 3 iphones has not been THAT good even in Ipad they follow Samsung now with releasing Ipad Mini...which Steve Jobs said never to do btw...
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    I like iphone , so my vote goes to iphone 6.
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