Is Brandi Passante Sexy from Storage Wars

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Is Brandi Passante Sexy from Storage Wars? She gets a lot of attention because she's married to Jarrod but was womdering if anyone of you watch Storage Wars? I think she is overrated but ya never know.
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    Yes, and what makes her sexy are her cute and quirky reactions to her husbands out bidding of questionable lockers.

    A women doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous to be sexy! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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    I'm a Brandi fan and I'm a girl. She's smart and mom sexy... that is hot without being slutty. I heard she had her boobs done courtesy of the show but who in So Cali hasn't (that was a rhetorical question).

    I would like to know why she is always eating candy, especially lollipops. Recovering drug addict, former smoker or just raided her kid's Halloween bags?

    She and Jarrod seem to have grown up on the show. They seem to be a devoted couple despite their bickering.
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