Zeitgeist Movement - Is capitalism the wrong choice?

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Hey guys,

Hope you don't mind the headline, thought it would catch some attention.

I did not really like this whole "Zeitgeist" thing about religion, 9/11, and so on, neither do I really care about conspiracy myths.

Even if there was any kind of big mastermind out there, ruling the world, what could some Internet marketer like ol' Henry do about it anyway?

BUT - I was really surprised after watching the Zeitgeist Movement videos. (Just google it, I'm not able to link yet)
As far as I see yet, there are no conspiracies contained at all, no evil group, no occult forces, just - a monetary system.

I've read many books about the theory of politics and economy, finding many flaws in our current systems that lead to a lack of happiness and abundance and I haven't seen any movie that explains them in less time.

You may want to watch The Story of Stuff (dot com) also, it gives a short overview, how a monetary system uses to treat it's resources. However I find the presented solutions in this movie kind of ridicoulous.

Now, why bothering with all of this stuff in the first place?

I am - and I think most of you are - able to live my life with more money and less work than most people on this planet and even in my country.

I am really grateful that I've found IM to create a little wealth that will help me build my own company and live a decent lifestyle until I'm there.

From the viewpoint of my friends I am living a life they would not think of to be possible, I myself would've thought the same way two years ago.

Maybe some of you have experienced similar things and maybe some of you will experience situations that you would not think of today.

If you are at this point, will you be happy with everything you've got and live the easy life?
Or do you want to create something bigger than yourself?

I'd choose the latter, and I do not think giving money to charity really changes anything in the long run.

So, if this all sounds delusional to you, nevermind.
I am young, I did not finish school properly and yet ideas to make money are flying towards me. (With a little help of X's products. If you're reading this, X, ytmnd ). I'm living in some kind of "weird genius"-frame, trying everything other people think of as stupid.

Enough of myself, watch the movies and post your opinion.

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    I've seen all the zeitgeist movies and find them kind of interesting.

    How one uses resources, treats the planet, respects/disrespects other individuals has nothing to do with the form of currency, having a currency or not, or type of government in a nation.

    The idea that we get rid of money and provide basic goods to all and evil will go away seems strange to me. I think there are basic instincts inside people where they would continue to do bad acts.

    For example, not going to get too explicit, but what about sexual urges? I think people would still misuse their power and take out their desires on others. That's not really something that a technocracy would fix in my opinion.

    What's the right choice?

    I say freedom is the right choice and you define that freedom as long as it's respecting others. My advice is to live in a way you feel is respectable to others and your environment. Regardless of what laws or body of government or monetary system in place or not, you can never control the actions of others. So just do whatever you feel is your part and live your life.
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