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I was reading a book today called 'Grumpy Old Men' and my 11 yr old daughter came into the room, saw the book and said, "Daddy, that's you!"

So, not wishing to make a liar out of my daughter, here's a few stock answers to some stock questions. Feel free to add your own (try to keep to Yes or No answers) and of course you can copy and paste answers to any threads where you think they'll fit.

Q. Should I submit articles to multiple directories?
A. Yes

Q. Does article marketing work?
A. Yes

Q. Watch me make $100 in six weeks
A. No

Q. Can you change your screen name?
A. Yes

Q. Aweber or GetResponse?
A. Yes

Q. Will I make any money doing this?
A. No

Q. Should this be in the Off Topic forum?
A. Yes

Q. Is Clickbank working?
A. Yes

Q. Is my site down?
A. Yes

Q. HostGator, GoDaddy or Dreamhost?
A. Yes

Q. Have you seen this great site that I happen to own yet only stumbled upon today?
A. No

Q. Isn't Twitter the best thing since sliced bread?
A. No

Q. Will you be my friend?
A. No

Q. Are speling and grammer immportant?
A. I want to say no, but in your case, yes.

Q. Review my new ebook about something that's been done to death and to which I'm not adding anything new and will probably harm your business should you implement it and I'll send you a voucher for Woolworths (UK).
A. No

Q. Do I need a list or not?
A. Yes

Q. Has anyone seen the new Frank Kern video? It's very funny
A. No

Yours grumpily,

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    Q. What's the best way to make money online?
    A. Yes

    Q. I'm offering $50 to anyone who coaches me. Any takers?
    A. No

    Q. Is Peter Grumpy?
    A. Definitely


    P.S. Send those Wollies vouchers down south! If i can find a shop that hasn't been looted by bored teenagers, i'll see if i can get a copy of that book!!
    "There is no fixed teaching. All I can provide is an appropriate medicine for a particular ailment" - Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do (on Zen)
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      Q. Is searching and learning from the Warrior Forum (among other places) good?
      A. Yes

      Q. If I find that magical product, will I make lots of money?
      A. No

      Q. If I take action as well as learn, will I eventually make money?
      A. Yes

      Q. If I agree with a poster but have nothing to add, or if I just like what they said and have nothing to add, should I just use the "Thanks" button instead of posting "I agree"?
      A. Yes

      Q. If I needed help and came to the Warrior Forum and some kind Warrior gave me all the help I needed and some, should I make sure I return to the thread and at least click on the "thanks" button to let them know that their help did indeed help?
      A. Yes

      Q. Should I try and spell out, as much as possible, what my new thread is about in the title of the thread?
      A. Yes

      OK I'm all out now, however, I may be back

      Cheers from
      Reasonably even tempered Grandma (most of the time )
      One-to-One WordPress Coaching Service Available at Low Hourly Rate - Let the frustration end now! WordPress Installs, Theme Design, Site Tweaks & other WordPress services available
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        Q. Is this a scam?
        A. Yes

        Q. Is this ethical?
        A. No

        Q. Should I name this Warrior?
        A. No

        Q. Does marketing to offline businesses work?
        A. Yes

        Q. Should I start another offline thread?
        A. No

        Q. Is the War Room worth it?
        A. Yes

        Q. Is my thread title misleading?
        A. Yes

        Q. Has this subject been brought up before?
        A. Yes

        Q. Will it be brought up again?
        A. Yes

        Q. Are rants allowed?
        A. No

        Q. Will rants still get posted?
        A. Yes

        Q. Has my thread been deleted?
        A. Yes

        Q. Do newbies get picked on?
        A. Yes

        Q. Is J-Mo really JT's love-child?
        A. No

        Q. Do you like movies about gladiators?
        A. Wrong forum


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    Q. Should this thread be a sticky?
    A. Yes
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    Are you having a boy, or a girl?


    (quick note - not NOW. That's just what I felt like answering when I was expecting my son and then my daughter, 13 and 15 years ago.)
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    Q. Is there a google duplicate penalty for article marketing ?
    A. No

    Q. I'm new did you see my affiliate link in my sig ?
    A. No

    Q. I see many doom and gloom threads, can I post one too ?
    A. No

    Q. Will there be more doom and gloom threads posted ?
    A. Yes

    Q. Is this a warez forum
    A. No (get a real life and grow up, then come back)

    Q. Can I take others products to sell on Digital Point
    A. No (if you like DP, then stay there)

    Q. Can I add !@#$%^&* in my thread title ?
    A. No

    Q. Can I do self promotion here for my traffic ereport that I just written but I have no idea how to sell it ?
    A. No (learn how to generate traffic before writing a report)

    Ok well that's all I have for now ...

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      Q. I just got fired and need to make 5k by next week and I'm a noob. Can I do this?
      A. No

      Q. Should I do adsense, PPC, clickbank, or CPA?
      A. Yes

      Q.Are those screenshots of your income for real?
      A. Photoshop

      Q. Is Bev Clement really my friend?
      A. No

      Q. How do I flip a website?
      A. With a spatula

      Q. Are there people who drink while posting on the WF
      A. Yes

      Q. Shaken or stirred?
      A. Shaken

      Q. Should I use my real name and picture?
      A. Yes

      Q. Have you been scammed?
      A. Yes

      Q. Has anyone done this product?
      A. Yes

      Q. Do I need a business plan?
      A. Yes

      Q.Is it possible I do this for 3 years and still not make money?
      A. Yes

      Q. I made money in my first week! Can you believe it?
      A. Yes

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        Are you having fun puting all those questions?
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          Should I stop asking all these stupid questions (which I've been doing for 3 years now) and finally take some kind of action on all the advice I've been getting.

          No, that would make you successful and take all the fun out of it.

          Kindest regards,
          Andrew Cavanagh
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          Q. Is "Splorf" a real word?
          A. Yes!

          John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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            Q: Hamsters or sheep?

            A: Are you Scottish?
            Kevin Riley, long-time Warrior living in Osaka, Japan

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              Q: Does Kevin Riley realize he has gorilla nipples hanging out when wearing his mankini?
              A: Oh yes!
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                Q: Should you wear welder's goggles when viewing Belknap's picture?

                A: If the sun is out, most definitely.
                Kevin Riley, long-time Warrior living in Osaka, Japan

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    Q. Should I buy xxx cuz it's sooo great?
    A. No

    Q. Can you make money online?
    A. Yes, but only if you quit reading the forums and take action

    Q. Will you promote my product that is untested and not relevant to your niche?
    A. Nope

    Q. How can I make $11 billion by Friday? (I have no site, list, experience, etc)
    A. Err...Buy lottery tickets...

    Q. How can I make $100 this week?
    A. Write 10-20 articles this week

    Q. Has this question been posted before?
    A. Yes

    Q. Did my misleading thread title irritate everyone?
    A. Yes
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    Q: Do people think I'm really intelligent when I shoot someone down for no other reason than to make myself look intelligent?
    A: Yes (apparently it's acceptable)

    Q: When someone asks a question that I don't understand, should I just give a smartass answer to make them look dumb when really... I'M the dumbass?
    A: Yes (also apparently acceptable)
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    Originally Posted by Peter Bestel View Post

    Q. Are speling and grammer immportant?
    A. I want to say no, but in your case, yes.

    Yours grumpily,

    LOL - I know you did it deliberately - anyway, cracked me up!

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    Q.Is it a universal law that, regardless of topic and given enough time, all threads will contain hamsters, mankinis, whisk(e)y, the age of JT and a contribution from Mr Waggenheim?
    A. Yes

    (Still waiting Steven! )
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    That's funny. But you're not allowed to slag off "Internet marketers" here. You saw what happened when I posted about Launch Tree spam.
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      Q. Why oh why?

      A. Get a life!
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    Classic.. thanks Peter.. and some of the replies too... lmao

    Y'all owe me a new keyboard.. this one is coffee soiled



    Bare Murkage.........

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    Is it okay to copy this copyrighted website.
    NO. NO.

    Is it okay to use someone else's original copy without permission?
    NO, NO, NO,

    This guy has a trademarked domain name. Is it okay to put up this domain
    that uses that name - and makes people think I'm the same guy?

    RT - IS this ILLEGAL?
    RT: Is This Immoral.

    Can I really make 5,000 in 24 hours with no work?
    Uh...go for it.

    Is this true?
    I can't get too pretty.....Kevin Riley
    Yes - but only in his case.

    I'm a newbie here. Will this thread teach me anything?
    Yes. No. Probably not.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    This thread is making me grumpy, everybody making all that money!
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