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Hello Every one , just wanted to introduce myself , my name is James , i have been working online for the past three years.

Most of you know me and most of you have probably bought something from me in the past so to start i want to thank you.

However i have a problem nowadays because i am not actually allowed to go into much detail about who i am , which is a real pain.

7 months ago i was a victim of a very bad physical attack , wasn't just me it was my whole family , we were taken hostages in our own home for money which is the most horrific feeling of helplessness.

Like i said i can't go into great detail but the point i am making is you can have it all one day and within a ring of a doorbell everything can go south. I now have slight brain dammage due to my injuries , i.e a metal bar will do that to you.
My mind isn't as sharp as it once was , im not as fit as i should be but i am not going to let the *******s who came into my home and beat me within an inch of my life because it looked like i was doing well.
When i first started i always remeber those sh** videos of actors saying things like
"People would ask me what would you do if you had to start again"
Well that man is genuinley me.
  • I havn't even got my own internet connection
  • I have no credit card or debit card
  • I havn't even got my own bank account.
The only money i have is what i am given by the protection team , £200 per week.

In the true sense of the word i really am starting with nothing , today is the 16/10/2013.
Im not even sure if it can be done but i am going to give it a try.

Warrior forum gives me the platform to communicate my progress , so if your interested to follow me on this journey then add me to your friends list , and together we may even smash it.
Thanks for reading , i know this all seems a bit far fetched but it isn't ,i won't be beaten.

Ever again

Follow me or add me to your friends list

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