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has anyone heard of HydroNano Gas? from hydro infra technologies> its causing a great deal of controversy and supposed to be in talks with NASA
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    Heard a lot about nano this and that - but not about the gas. It sounds interesting, though, so I guess I have some research to do now.

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      You mean hydrogen-atomic nano gas (HNG), which is an "exotic" form of hydrogen produced from a new process that splits water molecules using low energy. With this new scrubber "technology", virtually all CO2 and noxious pollutant emissions would be sequestered, making fossil fuels "Climate Neutral".

      So far, it has not even reached the proof of concept stage. If this is NOT a scam, it isn't clear in what form the carbon and other pollutants will end up. But more than likely, this is really nothing more than nano marketing hype.:rolleyes:
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    Not sure about nano gas, but isn't nano nano gas a fancy name for a Mork fart?
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    Kurt, I just phoned Mindy and she said you are correct and that's where CO~PU... comes from.
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