As little as 100g of husky liver could be fatal. Mind how you take your vitamins.

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I know a lot of people who take vitamin supplements, and some who are fanatics and swear by the purported benefits, popping scores of them a week. My own children had vitamin C and some multivitamins, but could we be doing more harm than good in many instances?

Here's a really interesting article I read today that questions some of the myths - and dangers - surrounding vitamin supplement intake.

The problem with taking too many vitamins
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    Consuming super foods and herbs naturally rich in nutrients such as chocolate, almonds, vanilla, coconut, turmeric, cinnamon and coffee as part of a regular balanced diet are more effective in promoting good health than mega-dose multivitamin supplements.

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    Some vitamins and minerals cancel each other out - some cause the blockage of absorption of others - some are toxic at high levels. I've never agreed with multi vitamins and never will take them. They are useless profit grabbers at the best.

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