Halloween: Dogs, Cats, Now Incredible Adult Costumes & Effects. Made Yours?

by Horny Devil Banned
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Dress 'em mean
Dress 'em cute,
Just go get 'em
A Halloween suit

Don't forget man's best friend this Halloween . . .

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    I have seen some of these under 'WHY Dogs HATE Halloween'

    My favorite is this one:

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    When I had Blitz I used to dress him in a ballerina tu-tu and give him a pumpkin with candy with a handle on it so he could hand people candy. You have to understand - this was a 170 lb dog. LMAO Kids would come and yell trick or treat - and I'd tell them here's the trick to get your treat - you have to take it from the dancer. Then Blitz would take a few steps toward them with the pumpkin. LMAO.

    He was so cute dressed fufu. Anyway --- Blitz was kind of the town celebrity (S&R dog) so they had fun getting the candy from him. Even kids who were scared of other dogs loved to get their candy from Blitz. Never had another dog I trusted to be that gentle when a bunch of kids dressed so bizarrely came around.

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    Those cats don't look impressed
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    dogs, cats, parrots, bunnies and

    ... well you know.

    "Taunt the Witch they Said,
    It Will be Funny, they Said..."

    (Caption by Heather Patton)

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