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    Funny how those who held all the cards once upon a time now chastise the new 800 pound gorilla. Amazon is a lot of things to a lot of people. I see them as providing a fair or even generous (by old school standards) venue to sell books where the people now complaining about them never would.

    All the big publishers saw the digital book and online marketing of books trend coming and did absolutely nothing capitalize on it. Now they've got to kiss Amazon's hiney. Whose fault is that?
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    Amazon can buy my books from my publisher cheaper than I can. In many ways, they've become the online version of Walmart, including what many would consider "questionable" business negotiating tactics.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      Doesn't this remind you a bit of the music industry fuss over ipods and downloads?

      Of course Amazon can deal on prices - they have the volume. I don't see publishers removing their books from Amazon or from Walmart. Profits margins might be down but sales volume is way up when you sell on Amazon.
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