I have never seen this type of dog trainging by a police department

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Totally uncalled for.

LiveLeak.com - K-9 Training gone sour ?
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    I don't really know, maybe that's what has to be done sometimes to get the dogs to behave how you want them to. As he's being instructed on what to do with the dog I would hope they know what they're doing. The dog doesn't seem to mind too much, I think it's just annoyed that it can't get after whatever they're coaxing it with and I suppose that's what they're trying to teach it, that it has to wait until told.
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    That's a belgian malinois. They are being used by police now even more than german shepards.

    The trainer is trying to use the "Alpha wolf roll-over" and turn the dog on its back and hold it by the throat, but the dog seems to want to be the Alpha himself. While the trainer is a bit too much IMO, it's very important as a police dog that the dog respects the handler as being the Alpha, and this dog is really resisting being submissive to the handler.

    When using the alpha roll-over, you get the dog on its back, then grab it firmly by the throat, which simulates what the alpha wolf does. The wolf (dog) on the bottom will generally freeze and draw their paws up tightly to show a submissive posture. This dog won't submit and is protesting wildly.

    When training dogs, you sometimes get into these situations. You really can't let the dog win, because you're just training it that if it resists, it gets to be alpha and get its way.

    I think it looks worse than it really is. The dog was handled roughly but was never being hurt. My opinion is, based on the short video, this dog probably doesn't have the best disposition for being a police dog because of the very stong alpha tendencies.
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    Let me add...One should only use the alpha roll-over in extreme cases. It's a judgement call to how extreme this particular case is and the roll-over should probably have been used when the dog was a puppy and was much easier to control and roll-over without a big fight (and more likely to submit).
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    Excellent posts, Kurt.

    If you want me to go on arguing, you'll have to pay for another five minutes.

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    Lovely training video if you're a villain, for if the police send one of those in after you.

    Pretend you are flipping a giant burger.
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    Kurt is spot on. My last Rottie was an alpha........and HUGE. I had to use this submission technique to train him. Holy cow - he was only 6 months old when I got to this point and he already weighed what I do at that age. If I'd have waited to get him under control, he probably would have never been. Getting him on his back was one tough project, too. When anyone got all moopy on me about dog abuse I would just wonder where the hell their heads were at -- the dog was as big as me! At that point I don't think I COULD have hurt him on my own without a weapon, LMAO.

    Anyhow - this move this guy is doing also is teaching the dog what happens when someone gets it by the collar. That dog will have to know that one. You try to take a dog of mine by the collar and you are asking for trouble. There's no reason someone else should be able to take your dog by the collar - especially if he's a police dog.

    When you have a large alpha male - and sometimes non-alpha males - they can get real cocky in their adolescence and you have to put them back in their place if you are going to control the dog. Sometimes that can get a bit physical (Not as in abuse the dog, but you have to put a little tork on). It is not a good idea to avoid such a confrontation if the dog needs an attitude adjustment, though - the alternative is a dog who will either bite someone needlessly or just end up getting killed somehow because he won't listen when it means his life for him to do so.

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