To our female Warriors, what do you think of this type of wedding proposal?

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Do you gals like romantic proposals?

This Might be the World's Most Romantic Proposal - Heartwarming Video

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    Awww. So sweet. Yes, I do love romantic proposals such as this one.
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    I liked it except for the video he did when he proposed. I think it could have been something a lot more emotionally done than a bunch of people they know yacking at her about how kewl they were together. I wouldn't have turned a guy down over it, but -- the rest was pretty great.

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      It's fine for people who like that kind of stuff. For me, a proposal in public would be an automatic "no".
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        like Kay, I like to keep my personal life private - though it was sweet -

        there are just too many idiots out there with cellphone cameras waiting to capture your personal life and splash it all over social media sites - no thanks.
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    I like romantic proposals and doing something big in public just as long as their is still meaning to it. If it's done with no true thought for the one they are proposing to and just to make a big scene, then that is not right (and they should find someone else to date! haha) A proposal is meant to celebrate you as a couple and show how much you love the idea of being with them long as that is instilled somewhere in an extravagant proposal, then I am all for it!
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    Ok, that was beautiful! Everything he did for her, including family and friends to be a part of it, just amazing.
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    I know a guy that proposed to his girlfriend in a Taco Bell drive-thru. What's funny is she accepted like it's no big deal.
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